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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning generatorindustrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment

industrial ultrasonic tank generator

industrial ultrasonic tank generator,industrial ultrasonic tank generator,industrial ultrasonic tank generator.

industrial ultrasonic tank generator:

Current indication: digital.
Line control: two-chip circuit board control, ultrasonic output power loss is low, the effective power of up to 98% without compromising efficiency.
Drive mode: Japan IGBT drive tube-driven, high pressure resistance, current, reliable performance, low failure rate, stable output.
Frequency range: 20KHZ-40khz.54KHZ-68khz.80khz-135khz
Power Control: Japan Sansha SCR power regulation, stable performance.
Internal structure: a unique anti-corrosion design, the work environment, for a variety of workplaces.
Protection: vibration head short circuit protection, leakage protection.


Ultrasonic instrument cleaning system, the ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic transducer components. Ultrasonic cleaning is generated by the Ultrasonic vibration transducer, instantaneous pressure bubble cavitation occurs impact generated in the water to be cleaned to achieve a good cleaning effect. Our ultrasonic generator with a frequency sweep, frequency tuning (optional), time (optional) and the current display (optional) and other functions, easy to adjust. The ultrasonic transducer frequency range is suitable for a variety of cleaning needs instrumentation industry.industrial ultrasonic tank generator

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