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Mechanism of Ultrasonic cleaning technology and equipment development and research of ultrasonic cleaning technology and its application in China has nearly 50 years of history, almost foreign simultaneously. 80 years before the development of our ultrasonic cleaning units from both the development team and production of a certain scale of a few units , especially the rapid development of reform and opening up began in depth and the national economy as well as advances in technology in the 1990s after the 1980s, especially in advanced demand manufacturing technology , ultrasonic cleaning technology research and development of ultrasonic cleaning equipment has been developing rapidly , research has expanded steadily , increasing research and development unit .

Ultrasonic cleaning is a physical force is cleaned , the cleaning itself is green , if the addition of a suitable cleaning liquid in the cleaning agent in the cleaning composition is , the more significant cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaner is the most widely used power ultrasound in an ultrasonic cleaning is closely related to the development of modern technology and advanced manufacturing processes . Ultrasonic cleaning in a variety of chemical, physical and mechanical cleaning is a more effective one , which is widely used in machinery , optics, electronics , light industry, textile, chemical , aerospace , shipbuilding , nuclear medicine and medical and other industrial sectors .
3 works
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is to use social role of ultrasound in liquids , acceleration effects and the role of a straight flow of liquids and dirt direct and indirect effects of ultrasonic cleaning , so that dirt layer is dispersed , emulsified , peel and achieve the purpose of cleaning . The use of ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic cleaning machine, cavitation and flow straight into the role of the application even more.
4 Technical Features
Compared with other cleaning ultrasonic cleaning with high cleaning residue is less cleaning time is short, a good cleaning effect , all that can be dipped into a liquid to be cleaned parts, it has a ultrasonic cleaning effect of ultrasound . Limiting, not cleaning the surface shape , for example, deep hole , slit groove. Can get cleaned. Since the ultrasound generator using Class D amplification, electric ultrasonic transducer is high, and therefore the ultrasonic cleaning with high efficiency . It is a truly high-speed, high quality and can easily be automated cleaning technology . If the cleaning agent using non- ODS cleaning agent then has a green cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaning glass , metal and other objects reflecting its strong cleaning effect is good, but not suitable for textiles, porous foam , rubber products and strong sound absorbing material .industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment

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