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Ultrasonic vibrator in terms of cleaning

Because of the unique design features of the tube , especially for ultrasonic cleaning rods of various types of pipe , the principle is to convert electrical energy into ultrasonic energy , and then transmitted to the scale of its own law , water, pipe wall , so as to obtain a large energy. Ultrasonic shock wave generated in the transfer process so that the scale , the water , the pipe wall resonance due to the different scale, the water , the oscillation frequency of the pipe wall , the pipe heated water molecules collide raw strong impact , the impact face of the heat exchanger fouling layer , making crisp , peel, off, crushed and discharged together with the sewage equipment in order to achieve a thorough cleaning of the ultrasonic vibrator pipe walls . In addition, the ultrasonic vibrator can also be used to clean the tank can be freely placed anywhere in the cleaning tank , very flexible and easy to use , and occupies a very small volume of space , cleaning does not stay dead .
ultrasonic reactor in the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine
Active ingredients using ultrasonic vibrator medicine can be extracted . First added to the extraction solvent in the container will be needed medicines crushed or cut into a pellet into a solvent extraction ; open the ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic vibrator mounted on the extraction tank top , to send out ultrasonic extraction solvent , the ultrasonic ' cavitation ' and the mechanical action of a solvent extraction can be effectively produced on the one hand crushed herbs wall , of the active ingredient was dissolved in the free state and the extraction solvent , the extraction of other molecules can accelerate the movement of the vehicle , so that the extraction solvent the active ingredients and herbs quick contacts , mutual fusion , mixing.
    Ultrasonic vibrator optimum temperature of 40-60 degrees Celsius medicinal extracts , there is no need to provide steam boiler with heating help save energy and improve the environment pollution. More important is the case of thermally unstable , susceptible to hydrolysis or oxidation of the active medicinal ingredient has a protective effect . Ultrasonic vibrator generally runs about 30 minutes to get the best results, the extraction efficiency greatly improved compared to the traditional process , and not the nature of herbal ingredients , restrict the size of the molecular weight , suitable for most types of herbal medicines and various ingredients extraction ( including liquid - liquid extraction and solid - liquid extraction ) . Therefore, the use of Ultrasonic vibration rods medicine extraction has been adopted by more and more the majority of pharmaceutical companies.hydrogen ultrasonic reactor

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