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how to clean an ultrasonic cleaner

how to clean an Ultrasonic cleaner,how to clean an ultrasonic cleaner,how to clean an ultrasonic cleaner,how to clean an ultrasonic cleaner,how to clean an ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner summarized as simple principle : the use of high- frequency ultrasound , by high-frequency transducer into kinetic energy , and the cleaning effect of the liquid medium in the tank , the liquid to produce cavitation , continuous formation of numerous tiny bubbles and quickly burst , impact surface of the object to generate an impact force , so that the dirt from the surface to achieve the cleaning effect.


Another caveat is that the ultrasonic frequency selection, application technology in ultrasonic cleaning frequency is also very much, including 20KHz, 28khz, 40khz, 59KHz, 68KHz, 80KHz, 128KHz , etc., the lower the frequency , the intensity will be cleaned stronger, but will lower the sophistication in the hardware industry 28KHz is more suitable . The frequency of 40KHz is a generic that can clean metal parts, guarantee results , but also can be used in electronics , laboratories , biotechnology and other high technology industries fine precision parts cleaning , in addition to jewelry , chemicals , machinery, casting, auto repair , mold, plastic and other industries are applicable, which is why the current Ultrasonic cleaning equipment industry to 40KHz frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine majority, most companies have to 40KHz as the main product specifications. The above 59KHz frequency band is higher , the higher the frequency, the more fine cleaning more, for the protection of the workpiece is also better, but the drawback is that the intensity is weak, for the removal of stubborn dirt is not very impressive. In the laboratory industry with much more.
Some customers pay more attention to the size of the power , in fact , is based on the power level to match the size of the cleaning tank , the tank will configure how much ultrasonic power , do not worry too much power too ineffective cleaning problems .
1 Why cleaning agents ?
Many customers of its role of doubt, because they feel that the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine wash detergent workpiece how must add it? That even this machine to do? In fact , ultrasonic cleaning machine is equivalent to a washing machine , but also to put the laundry liquid detergent . The role of the machine instead of manual cleaning is to provide convenient, save time and improve efficiency. Only one piece of artificial wash one part of cleaning , and washing machine are multiple parts simultaneously cleaning and all parts .
2 water and how to remove stubborn dirt it?
Can ! To understand that the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine knows that it is through the water to clean the surface dirt . Because the use of ultrasonic high frequency converted to kinetic energy in water produces cavitation , cavitation is the so-called high-frequency vibration , the water molecules and the formation of bubbles bursting thereby creating a strong impact, pressure 1000pa enough to make oil, such as rust stains from the surface. But it will not damage the surface ......
All in all , as ultrasonic cleaning machines on the market promotion efforts were not enough, some customers are still many questions about this device , when once the site to see friends or other means of ultrasonic cleaning effect and then think of this effect is really good , also want to buy , we will also Huatai friends to provide more than just knowledge of ultrasonic cleaning machine for to clean an ultrasonic cleaner

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