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Ultrasonic cleaning is the use of ultrasound in liquids social effects, deceleration effects and straight flow of liquids and dirt direct effect, direct effect, so that the dirt layer is lax, emulsification, peel and arrival clearance ...
Ultrasonic cleaning is the use of ultrasound in the liquid effect socialization and deceleration effects and a straight flow of the liquid and dirt direct effect, direct effect, so that the dirt layer is lax, emulsification, peeling and cleaning the target arrival. Current Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Sai Keda used ultrasonic cleaning machine, cavitation effects and straight flow effect using more.

(A) cavitation effect: Ultrasonic cavitation effect is more than 20,000 times per second contractility and reducing stress interactive high-frequency transformation method to the liquid transmission. Effect under reduced pressure, the liquid bubble nuclei vacuum attack phenomenon results in the contraction force, the vacuum bubble nuclei of crushed by the pressure when the attack slight impact force, whereby the strip surface to be cleaned of dirt, and precise arrival wash goals.

(2) straight flow effect: ultrasonic sound in the liquid along the episodes tend to convey movement phenomenon known as a straight flow. Acoustic intensity of 0.5 watt per square centimeter, the naked eye can see straight flow, perpendicular to the vibration plane attack motion, flow rate of about 10cm / s. Straight flow through this surface to be cleaned so that the micro-oil stain is stirred, dirt surface cleaning fluid also attack convection, liquid ablation ablation dirt mixed with new fluid, so that the ablation rate neglect, plays on the dirt handling large effect.

(3) Less Speed​​: liquid particles to promote the onset of deceleration. On high frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine, regardless of the cavitation effect is quite clear, then we must rely on non-washing liquid particles under the effect of the deceleration of the ultrasonic shock dirt particles suspended ultra precision cleaning

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