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Ultrasonic vibrator in accelerating chemical reactions

The front end of the tool head to emit Ultrasonic vibration rod head close to the external wall of the reactor vessel or cavity extends into the body vessel , the ultrasonic transducer can be a chemical reaction chamber vessel ultrasonic wave is transmitted , the liquid to be treated because the ultrasonic wave " cavitation " action can cause changes in the activity of the reaction system , the solvent destruction of chemical structures of the reactants the autoclave chamber , is sufficient to trigger a chemical reaction to produce an instantaneous high temperature and pressure to form a local energy centers to facilitate smooth chemical reaction , which uses ultrasonic vibrating rods of the main factors that catalyze chemical reactions .


Secondary effects of ultrasound such as mechanical shock, emulsification , diffusion, crushed , etc. are conducive to all-round full mixing of the reactants , the use of high-power ultrasonic vibrator shaped transducer that can make material for violent forced movement, speed diffusion transfer material can replace the traditional mechanical mixing. Of course, with electric mixer for use in practical applications , the better to accelerate the reaction .
Ultrasonic Vibrator in scaling the
Our heat exchangers , for example, an ultrasonic vibrator is usually installed in the inlet of the heat exchanger , flange connection , control valve , can be done in the overhaul , maintenance downtime ultrasound devices do not . The main principle is that the ultrasound due to resonance energy transfer and generation of material elements , scale , water, metal surface, such as heat energy obtained during vibration in the transmission process , the water in the tubes at the same time obtain energy vibration and intense collision , so that the water itself is unstable molecules containing various inorganic salts to produce numerous air bubbles ( cavitation ) , cavitation chamber to form a water molecule . These bubbles in the rapidly expanding and suddenly closed , resulting in thousands of local atmospheric impact and speeds up to 400km / h high-speed jet and 5000k above the high energy that destroys the combination of positive and negative ions with acid groups , undermining the formation of fouling conditions , enabling scaling .homemade ultrasonic reactor

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