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For ultrasonic sweep range, we can according to the actual situation of the textile applications as well as some researchers single-frequency ultrasonic findings in the field of textile applications as the basis to determine the sweep range of 20 kHz to 100 kHz. Sweep mode can not be used to cycle sweep frequency, 20kHz to 100kHz to 20kHz, can only be monotonous sweep 20kHz to 100kHz, and then from 20 kHz to 100 kHz. cycle sweep makes the ultrasonic sound power into a pulse shape. This fixed energy pulse repetition frequency may be caused by the resonance of the ultrasonic wave generating apparatus of certain components and cause damage. In addition, the monotonous sweep in the cleaning tank to produce a constant expansion wave in favor of the ultrasonic properties further play. In order to enable each frequency ultrasonic signal can produce a full role, we will sweep cycle as the 11s.

The waveform generation main components of the the ICL8038 integrated function generator as the sweep signal generated, it can produce operating frequency of 0.001Hz300kHz, temperature changes produce only very low frequency drift, sine, triangle and square wave kinds of function signal output. Changes in the work cycle is adjustable between 2% and 98%, a high level output range from TTL levels up to 28V, easy-to-use, requires few external resistors and capacitors.

Pin row, for example as shown in: ICL8038 pin row Example the ICL8038 8 foot FM voltage input terminal, i.e. the terminal voltage of the oscillation output frequency by this control, it is a voltage-frequency (V / F) converter circuit, known as the pressure control oscillation. The oscillation frequency FM voltage proportional to the the FM voltage value is the correct power supply (V +) voltage between the end of pin 8. There are strict requirements for this value, only the V + to between 2/3 (V +-V-) +2 V. Typical applications as shown.

ICL8038 Typical applications when RA = RB = R can derive an output frequency: f = 3 (V +-V8) 2RC (V + V-) we choose V + = 15V, V-= 0V, RA = RB = 10k, C = 300PF, to obtain a frequency of 20kHz to 100kHz, calculated V8 should vary between 12V144V.

The sweep voltage controlled signal generation in order to obtain a monotonic sweep signal, the input to the voltage control signal to the the ICL8038 8 foot required for a better linearity of the sawtooth signal. This sawtooth wave signal can be constituted by NE555P multivibrator circuit composed of a constant current source circuit, D1 and T1 C1 charging. To obtain accurate voltage control input signal, the first op-amp voltage follower circuit stable voltage of 72V and this voltage NE555P supply. Then generates a cycle through NE555P integrated timer 11s, to their voltage the sawtooth oscillation range 24V48V signal. This signal through impedance transformation, the positive terminal of the adder circuit through the next level of the op amp output voltage of 9.6V and another voltage follower obtained 12V144V change sawtooth signal, this signal is input to the ICL8038 to 8 feet in 2 feet to meet the requirements of the sine wave sweep signal. LM324 integrated operational amplifier output voltage V + minus 15V, so a 16V DC power supply, ICL8038 15V voltage regulator by the variable resistor W1. Detailed circuit as shown. Sweep circuit this circuit BS601 oscilloscope and the LF1000 frequency tester, sweep frequency range fully meet the design requirements.

Conclusion The success of relatively simple hardware design suitable for textile testing requirements and future practical application of the sweep signal generating circuit. This circuit has a compact, simple and practical, low cost, accurate sweep signal by the external conditions affecting small. This circuit will inevitably some disadvantages, only sweep ultrasonic signal generator circuit design an exploration to play a serve as a stimulus for textile industry requirements.

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