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Valve control system ultrasonic cleaning machine

The rapid development of automobile repair services for cars put forward higher requirements, the traditional means of washing parts cleaning can not meet modern engines, transmissions and other repair parts reassembly process needs, ultrasonic cleaning machine of this series is to adapt one requires the design and manufacture of special equipment.

Valve control system characteristics of Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

1, with a high surface cleanliness of components to achieve complex components such as the engine block and heads inside and outside surfaces of coke, oil, gum, and other dirt thoroughly cleaned, renovated to achieve the cleaning effect.
2, greatly improving the efficiency of cleaning, cleaning work with traditional cleaning methods can be greatly shortened.
3, good economy, is one-tenth of the cost of gasoline brush.
4, excellent environmental performance, the use of water-based cleaning agent instead of gasoline, kerosene, alcohol and other solvents, safety and environmental protection.
5, effectively improve the performance of engine overhaul, to thoroughly clean oil into the hole and part of the cooling system.
6, the whole industrial use thick stainless steel, acid, beautiful and durable.
7, the Japanese and the Swiss high-Q wafer bonding process to ensure that the transducer can work long hours, ultrasonic power and stability, strong
8, using the German power IGBT ultrasonic generator tubes and microcomputer chip controller full-wave output, the ultrasonic output power is more robust, stable,
9, automatic temperature control heating and insulation devices. Power and cleaning tank split design, water separation, safe operation.
10, set the inlet, outfall and overflow to keep liquid in the tank clean and effectively improve the quality of cleaning.

Valve control system of ultrasonic cleaning machine Scope:

Valve control system of ultrasonic cleaning machines are widely used in various models of motor vehicles, motorcycles, aircraft maintenance, repair and honing processing required to clean the engine block, cylinder head, crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods, tappets, gearbox, filter assembly, the housing, the gear assembly, turbochargers, pumps and other cleaning nozzle.

Valve control system ultrasonic cleaning machine service and support
A sale of each piece of equipment before, our sales engineers will fully understand customer needs, and a large number of experiments to ensure the most valuable products.
2 We will ship on time, each device before delivery will go through rigorous testing and repeated testing, in order to meet customer requirements for equipment and the necessary preparations.
3 Our engineers will help customers install equipment necessary to achieve the best state of the application debugging and until the client can independently use the device before leaving.
4 We will pay close attention to the use of equipment sold, and occasional visit customers to collect their opinions and suggestions in order to be adjusted in practical work and improvements.
5 Our service staff ready to deal with any unexpected equipment failure, and timely supply of spare parts for customers, enabling customers to reduce the losses to a minimum.

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