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Ultrasound in the end is how to complete the cleaning work it

ultrasound in the end is how to complete the cleaning work it
Ultrasonic cleaning is the social effect of the application of ultrasound in the liquid, deceleration role and straight flow effect of liquid and dirt indirect, direct role, the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified, peel reach cleaning purposes. Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen Sai Keda used ultrasonic cleaning machine, cavitation and straight flow effect even more.

(1) cavitation: cavitation ultrasonic tightening force of more than 20,000 times per second and less pressure interactive high-frequency conversion to liquid transmission. Vacuum Nuclei bubble scene occurs in less pressure when the liquid is vacuum Nuclei bubble crushed by the pressure of the weak impact force occurs, when the tightening force, thereby peeling the appearance of the object to be cleaned of dirt, so as to reach Narrow wash purposes.

(2) straight flow effects: ultrasonic sound to convey the direction of the scene of the activities referred to as a straight flow in the liquid along. The acoustic intensity per square centimeter is 0.5 watts, the naked eye can see straight stream, perpendicular to the vibration surface activity occurred at a flow rate of about 10 cm / s. After this straight flow cleaned the appearance of micro-oil dirt is stirred dirt appearance of cleaning fluid convection, dissolved dirt dissolving liquid and liquid mixture, dissolve slowed down, dirt removal plays significant role.

(3) Deceleration: liquid particles promote the occurrence of deceleration. High-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine, cavitation is very obvious, the cleaning times rely on the liquid particles ultrasound under deceleration impacting particle of dirt to stop ultra-fine cleaning.

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