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Ultrasound detection of the insulating member

According to statistics, post insulators of more than 95% of the fracture occurred in the area between the cast iron flanged 30mm first porcelain along. Easy main reason for the fault here: the issue of product quality; packaging machinery product development direction, the damage caused by transportation and installation process; Post Insulator run in harsh environments, porcelain, cement and cast iron flange three expansion coefficient between the difference causing cracking; operating stress or installation stress is too large, the operating frequency and is frequently the cause of breakage. The 2 ultrasonic inspection pillar porcelain insulator process 2.1 creeping wave detection of near-surface cracks creeping wave detection is quick and easy inspection of a post insulators near-surface cracks. Creeping wave is a longitudinal wave in a surface, which is a longitudinal wave incident from the first critical angle near to the second medium in the second medium to produce a non-uniform wave, insensitive to the roughness of its surface. Tests show that creeping wave probe can be placed on the circular arc surface of the test piece and test analog cracks of different depths. Simulation of crack depth is less than 6mm reflection wave height increased with the simulation of crack depth increased, when the simulation of crack depth is greater than 6mm, the reflected wave high with the simulation of crack depth increase and steady decline in analog Crack depth 1 ¯ 6 mm reflected waves and cracks The depth of the linear relationship between the.

Post insulators of ceramic flanged 30mm between the first porcelain along generally part of the sand-covered, net of the probe can not be placed over sand area, a span of not more than 20mm. Creeping wave probe Post Insulator testing tandem the probe axial length, only for ceramic body no distortion, no sand, smooth surface larger area, the tandem creeping wave probe only available porcelain individual parts of the examination, can not do the full and effective detection. Parallel creeping wave probe can post insulators comprehensive and effective detection.

Post insulators of ceramic ultrasonic testing parallel creeping wave probe as shown. Post insulators of ceramic ultrasonic testing climb with parallel wave probe chip specification. Detection of different specifications of the post insulators should be chosen different specifications of the chip matching, the correspondence between the specific match. Insulator specifications and chip specifications correspond creeping wave detection solid core pillars of porcelain insulators and hollow-core post insulators as shown.

2.2 longitudinal wave angle probe detection of internal defects longitudinal wave detection is a more mature and simple ultrasonic detection methods can be used for the post insulators internal defects were detected, the longitudinal wave angle probe detection method similar to the creeping wave detection, reference may be carried out. It is on the display end of wave number of how many post insulators to determine the quality of the internal situation.

Creeping wave detection sensitivity testing to determine the sensitivity of 3.1 to determine the probe in the test block to find out the depth of 1mm modeling crack the strongest reflected wave, adjusted to 80% of the wave height attenuation of 10 dB, the testing spot coating waterproof glue only 80% of the wave height attenuation 5 dB, the probe on post insulators or porcelain sets the detection surface flaw.

3.2 longitudinal wave angle probe detection sensitivity determined using 5 MHz and the corresponding angle of refraction probe to identify the strongest reflected wave of post insulators of similar diameter and wall thickness the φ1 cross hole in the test block, adjusted to 80% of the wave height, the probe is placed probe detection surface of the end of this time, if the wave is greater than 80% Volatility height, on this basis, 6dB attenuation testing. (If the wave height is not greater than 80% Volatility height) 4 Determination of the defect determination of defects 4.1 creeping wave detection creeping wave detection, display basic no clutter, easy to identify the defect signal and the instruction length, measured without attenuation.

The practical application of the use of ultrasonic detection means creeping wave detection Substation 220kV switch porcelain post insulators found the large station substation new big line 2162 bus II knife porcelain insulators exceeded the standard defects, defect waveform shown in Figure 3. The porcelain insulators subsequent big Substation big line 2162 No. II busbar knife conducted an autopsy found that the porcelain insulators internal cracks. In addition, in Nanchang, Xinyu substation insulators of ceramic ultrasonic inspection process, also found side by side in addition to the the porcelain insulators defects, improve the reliability of electricity production has played an important role to ensure the safe and stable operation of power grid.

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