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Ultrasonic treatment instrument frequency tracking

Sensors and instrumentation With strong ultrasonic technology development and wide application of the increasingly high demand for frequency tracking. Phase-Locked Loop excellent stability, high precision, phase-locked loop integer frequency synthesis technique has been applied to the frequency of the ultrasound equipment tracking, but this technique is only suitable for low operating frequency ultrasound equipment for high-frequency ultrasonic equipment continue to adopt this technology, there is bound to be a contradiction between the frequency resolution and high output frequency. Swallow pulse frequency synthesis technology with simple integer frequency synthesis compared.

In the same resolution conditions. Improve the operating frequency of the synthesizer, the conversion time is not affected by the impact, and therefore at the operating frequency of 1MHz ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus using a pulse swallow frequency synthesis technique, and the use of a dedicated integrated synthesizer chip successful implementation of the ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus frequency tracking, frequency tracking range, step 4Hz swallow pulse frequency synthesizer working principle of the so-called "pulse swallow" technology is the use of high-speed dual-modulus prescaler, according to the mode control end of the high and low level, to control the division ratio for the P or P +1 such frequency synthesizer block diagram. The total score of the synthesizer frequency than the NT: (1) the output signal of the voltage-controlled oscillator VCO frequency fv as follows: (2) swallow the pulse frequency synthesizer block diagram of the pulse swallow frequency synthesis technology in recent years has become the chip of practical use. This design uses a high-performance pulse swallow digital phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer chip the ADF4110.

Road filter and voltage-controlled oscillator circuit diagram of a voltage-controlled oscillator selected monolithic integrated voltage-controlled oscillator circuit produced by Motorola MC1648, the output of the ECL level, the operating frequency up to 225MHz. Voltage control circuit constituted by MC1648 virtual box shown, the varactor series of face-to-face, the linearity of the voltage-controlled characteristic vibration frequency stability will be improved and enhanced. In addition, 5-pin and 14-pin indirectly, not less than 1k resistor so that the output is a square wave.

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