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cotton experiment new ultrasonic spectral line practiceDiscussion of the ultrasound on the the material particles dimerization operation

Ultrasonic in new holes skills of practice seminars

ultrasonic cleaning tank a little pressure by means of ultrasonic Ultrasonic cavitation can achieve good cleaning effect and other effects. ultrasonic wave of the same frequency, in the same liquid medium, the greater the power, the stronger cleaning power. The same liquid medium, the low frequency ultrasonic cavitation bubble quantities less blasting strong impact force applied to larger particles of dirt workpiece surface cleaning. As the ultrasonic frequency increases, the relative increase in the number of the cavitation bubble thus blasting but small impact force weakened, therefore, particularly suitable for high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning of small particles of dirt without damaging the workpiece surface.

Ultrasonic test program and test results of experiments on the effect of ultrasound on the material surface material: use of Class I copper foil, copper foil 10 class II, 12μm copper thickness / 12.5μmPI of thick plastic copper / 12μm thick electrolytic copper foil; process: Drilling → black hole → Check → copper plating → line → Etching → check;: the black hole with a secondary inspection surface cracks open case, check the line after etching.

The experimental results of the second element (70) the checklist copper no cracks, no cracks on the surface, as shown. Different materials black hole surface condition of electrical measuring examination: an open line break, Wireless Road, crack open. Bad image below. First ultrasonic power in the entire hole affect the experiment material: Class I sided copper foil 10; process: drilling → black hole → copper plating → affixed the dry film → exposure → development → Etching → → suppress curing paste cover film → printed characters → suppress curing → → SMT → probing → red shape ENIG → four-wire test → the FQC selected parameters are as follows: Condition A: ultrasonic off, the actual power is zero; Condition B: ultrasonic rated power 2.4KW , the actual power of 2.2kW.

The experimental results of copper randomly selected three samples, a total of 15 holes, do metallographic sections. The case of Condition A hole completely no copper, resulting in open circuit, as shown in Figure 4; holes in the case of condition B, as shown. A case of poor sample conditions Metallographic sections conditions plated through hole plated through holes in the case of B Metallographic sections flexible printed randomly selected condition B 3 samples, a total of 15 holes, after reflow, no adverse hole , as shown. Over SMT probing condition B sample after reflow hole Metallographic sections condition B samples Immersion Gold process the hole copper quality is good, there have been no negative phenomena hole, all slices copper thickness between 12μm25μm, the as so shown.

The second time when the entire hole ultrasonic hole experiment materials: Class I sided copper foil 18; processes: drilling → black hole → copper plating → line → Etching → check; selected parameters were as follows: Condition C: The ultrasonic power grid; conditions D: ultrasonic Close the experimental results of metallographic sections observed under various conditions vias. Condition C without adverse vias; vias adverse conditions D the holes break phenomenon, as shown.

Conclusion by application of ultrasound in the black hole direct plating process, understanding the importance of ultrasound, can better guide the production, improve the rate of qualified products. Comparison, the experiment can draw the following conclusions: (1) Ultrasonic not cause the material surface cracks, no effect on the subsequent line production process of black hole can be turned on ultrasonic; (2) to increase the first time the entire hole ultrasonic power good hole quality, no adverse after SMT, you can use the power production of the B; (3) a second ultrasonic Close entire hole hole broken increased risk of subsequent production need to open the ultrasonic.

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