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Ultrasonic filtration equipment

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Ultrasonic automatic filter is based on the automatic filter developed a fully automated integrated water treatment equipment with multiple functions ; It uses up to 2 micron filtration precision 316L stainless steel sintered mesh , set the automatic high-pressure anti- wash and Ultrasonic cleaning technology, and the need to replace the filter element , clean thoroughly without dead ends , automatic operation , automatic backwash , automatic sewage , but also has an ultrasonic bath sterilization , disinfection, reducing COD and prevent fouling filters and other features .

Ultrasonic automatic filter widely used in municipal sewage, domestic water , oil field injection water filtration , metallurgy food , landscape farming and other industries. System is safe and reliable operation , easy maintenance, low operating costs.

Product Categories: Water purification equipment, water filtration equipment , water treatment equipment, self-cleaning filters , automatic backwash filters , pressure filters, water filters , high-precision filter.

As a multi-media filters , disc filters, sand filters , sand filter alternative.


Technical features and innovations

An ultrasound for the first time used in water treatment technology, with mixed , cracking , oxidation, coagulation, sterilization, algae , disinfection, removal of COD and oil , to prevent the filter fouling and other features. 2 micron filter accuracy can be achieved .

2 ultrasonic automatic filter and strain through its own search function , automatic backwash , can cope with erratic fluctuations in water quality , without human intervention.

3 ultrasonic automatic filter control system responsive, precise operation , with the dual pressure and time setting function , you can flexibly adjust the backwash pressure or time settings depending on the water and filtering accuracy .

4 combine ultrasonic cleaning and high-pressure backwash , making filter cleaning more efficient, thorough , filters can restore completely the initial state , which can be used for life , without replacement.

5 ultrasonic automatic filter backwash without interrupting the normal production of water, continuous operation, stable and reliable.

6 ultrasonic automatic filter backwash short duration , backwash water consumption is only 0.001 to 0.002 % of the normal water production , water, power , energy conservation.

The ultrasonic automatic filter reasonably compact design , small footprint, flexible installation of mobile .

The ultrasonic device automatic filter less wearing parts , no supplies, low operation and maintenance costs , simple operation and management.

9 Canton ultrasonic automatic filter applications, applicable to different raw water quality and water requirements.Ultrasonic filtration equipment

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