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Ultrasonic extraction method to increase the brass puritysonic water miniaturization inquest

Ultrasonic extraction daisy chromatography

Pigment extraction orthogonal design: according to the orthogonal design L9 (34), the the preferred extraction conditions in the single-factor test temperature, power, time, material ratio, four factors were divided into three levels, comprehensive survey of ultrasonic extraction of cut flowers daisy red pigment.

Determination of absorbance values: according to the Lambert - Beer's law A = EBC, i.e., A = Kc, to the full spectrum 800200nm scan to experimental determination of the maximum absorption wavelength of 531nm (pH <3) under absorbance A531 represents the pigment concentration of the extract. A greater, indicating that the higher the rate of pigment extraction. Each measured value in the present study are 2 times the average value of the measurement result of ultrasonic extraction. Spectrophotometer test, distilled water as a blank control, the maximum absorption wavelength in the visible region, with a 1cm cuvette measured absorbance of the A value.

From the measured data shows that the, chrysanthemum red pigment absorbance of the solution in ethanol solution is much smaller than in the absorbance of ethanol - hydrochloric acid solution. Accordingly, a certain volume of hydrochloric acid should be added to the top of the extraction solvent, dissolving a water-soluble dye in the destruction of the plant cell membranes because of the acidic solvent, the extraction rate will be high.

The choice of solvent extraction solvent solubility absorbance solvent solubility ethanol absorbance of distilled water was dissolved 1.10330% 2.21830% ethanol dissolved 0.81550% 2.38450% ethanol dissolved in ethanol HCL dissolved HCL was dissolved 2.62270% 0.65070% ethanol dissolved in ethanol 0.53395% ethanol dissolved HCL HCL sparingly soluble) 95% ethanol insoluble) acetone insoluble) Note: The the acid concentration 0.1molL-1 hydrochloric acid.

The choice of the type of alkyd volume ratio: 6 parts daisy powder 1g, accurately weighed Add 20 ml of the mass fraction were 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% anhydrous ethanol and concentration of 0.1molL -1 HCl extraction agent, ultrasonic extraction temperature 40e, power 250W, time 30min extraction condition. With the increasing mass fraction of ethanol, respectively, corresponding to the absorbance 1.245,1.268,1.343,1.447,1.542,0.575, wherein 70% ethanol - the highest extraction rate of the hydrochloric acid solution, but after more than 70% of the extraction rate significantly decreased.

The choice of temperature: Accurately weighed 5 parts by daisy powder 1g, added 20mL of 70% ethanol solution and concentration 0.1molL-1HCl 30,40,50,60,70 e, for 250W power, respectively, at a temperature of 30min extraction time under the conditions of ultrasonic extraction. As the temperature rises, the extraction rate increases, the corresponding absorbances were 1.244,1.478,1.746,1.966,1.960 turbidity appears, but when the temperature exceeds 60e liquid suction, and the temperature is too high will cause red pigment decomposition.

Orthogonal test in accordance with the orthogonal experimental design L9 (34). The the preferred extraction conditions in the single-factor test set to an ultrasonic bath temperature, ultrasonic power, ultrasonic extraction time and material than the four factors divided into three levels, investigated the impact of ultrasonic extraction of anthocyanins extraction, according to the absorbance.

Conclusion Through the above experiment, the choice of solvent extracts of cut chrysanthemum red to determine the mass fraction of 70% ethanol, and the concentration of hydrochloric acid solution 0.1molL-1; absorbance values ​​in the selection of temperature increase as the temperature rises, but Because anthocyanins substance is readily decomposed, and so to control the extraction temperature, should not be too high, can not exceed 60e; bounce extraction time is too long it will affect the rate of dye extraction in selected time, When the time for 30min suction light value maximum; when select material ratio, the general trend is absorbance values ​​with the adding of extraction solvent increased and becomes large, which means that the increase in solvent to make of cut chrysanthemum red pigment dissolved more fully, but taking into account the savings factor of raw materials, best to choose the right materials 1B30.

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