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Ultrasonic cleaning machine in terms of oilApplication of ultrasonic cleaning machine before plating What?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine transducer how the distribution?

 At present, some ultrasonic cleaning machines, cleaning the bottom or sticking to the walls of the distribution of the transducer too close, a close an arrangement . The power input transducer strength of 2-3 watts per square centimeter , such a high strength steel plate on the one hand to accelerate the surface ( surface in contact with the cleaning liquid ) of cavitation corrosion, shortening the life , on the other hand due to the sound intensity too high. Large bubbles generated in the vicinity of large steel surface , acoustic propagation loss increases , weakening the cleaning action in a place far away from the transducer . Generally used in power intensity of less than 1.5 watts per square centimeter is appropriate ( according to stick with steel transducer area calculation ) . If deep cleaning tank , in addition sticky bottom outer transducers , should be considered in the tank wall transducer bonded or adhered to only the tank sides .

   Transducer and the cleaning tank a great impact on the quality of the bonding quality ultrasonic cleaning machine machine . Not only to cement , and requires uniform layer , there is no shortage of plastic and does not allow cracks to maximize the ultrasonic energy transmitted to the cleaning solution to improve overall efficiency and the cleaning effect. At present, some cleaning equipment to prevent falls from the transducer to the cleaning tank . Take the screw and glue fixed way, this connection can be a good way to let the transducer will not fall off. But pay attention to the quality of welding screws , if not perpendicular to the surface of the stainless steel plate , the layer is uneven, and even cracks or missing plastic, energy transfer will weaken ; hand . If not also affect the smooth welded stainless steel surface , resulting in accelerated cavitation corrosion and shorten life , so the welding quality is very important.
   One judge the quality of the bonding method in the cleaning tank filled with water and start working for some time, temperature measuring transducer . If a transducer is particularly fast rise in the number of transducers , it indicates that the transducer may be bonded well. Not because the sound radiation , most of the energy consumed by the electrical transducer to generate heat . Another approach is to individually measure the electrical impedance transducer size under small signal conditions to determine bond quality.
  There are still some vague understanding of the performance of ultrasonic cleaning machine : that the greater the power , the more the number of transducers . Its performance is better , the higher the value , even this Lunjia . This understanding is not comprehensive. As described above , the transducer cloth too dense, the power density is too large, the cleaning effect is not only good, but the bottom easily cavitation corrosion. The other hand, the subject of ultrasonic cleaning machine products are mostly acoustic power power rather than electrical power , if the standard is the consumption frequency power , the pros and cons of ultrasonic cleaning machine quality should be judged by the efficiency . If efficiency is low , in the same cleaning effect is large power consumption , but increased user fees. Efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning machine consists of two parts . First, the efficiency of the ultrasonic frequency power . That is the percentage of the input electrical power transducer with high frequency electric power consumption frequency ; another part of the electro-acoustic conversion efficiency, ie the percentage of electrical power into the transducer cleaning fluid sound power input . At present, China in industrial production there is not a simple method and apparatus to measure the electro-acoustic conversion efficiency. The subject of the power of the manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaning machine is ambiguous , there is an urgent need for a unified industry standard .

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