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Ultrasonic cleaning machine maintenance

ultrasonic cleaning machine maintenance

    Cleaning machine by the ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic transducer, the ultrasonic transducer is manufactured from a piezoelectric ceramic material, the sandwich-type transducer, a piezoelectric ceramic material in an alternating electric field is generated under the action of mechanical vibrations.

Ultrasonic transducer FAQ:
    Ultrasonic vibration, moisture, megger check with the transducer connected to the plug, check the insulation resistance value can determine the basic, general requirements for insulation resistance greater than 30 megohms. If you reach this value of insulation resistance, usually damp transducer, the transducer as a whole (excluding spray case) oven set around 100 ° C after drying for 3 hours or use a hair dryer to wave to the resistance normal.
The transducer oscillator ignition, ceramic materials fragmentation, can be combined with the naked eye and megger check, as a general emergency measures, individual damaged transducer disconnect the other oscillator will not affect the normal use.

    Degumming transducer, the transducer is the use of cements, screws for fastening double assurance process, this situation does not occur under normal circumstances, due to the role of the screw, the transducer does not fall from the vibrating surface degummed ships Analyzing method hand tail jiggle oscillator, careful observation of the plane of vibration glue judgment. Normal ships transducer ultrasonic power output appears after degumming power, but due to the transducer with the vibration plane connection is not good, the bad effect of the plane of vibration of the vibration transducer, after a long time may be burned. The degumming treatment methods oscillator is more troublesome, in general, can only be sent back to the manufacturer to resolve. The most effective way to avoid oscillator unglued use is usually careful not to crash the plane of vibration.

    The vibrating surface perforation, general transducer full load after years of use may be perforated plane of vibration

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