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Dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machineUltrasonic cleaning machine transducer how the distribution?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine in terms of oil

 From the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning is not difficult to appreciate why it 's cleaning efficiency and consequences are abnormal Zhuo . What a non- chaotic way on the workpiece format , look ultrasonic cleaning machine prices. Put it into the cleaning fluid, only be able to come into contact address of the liquid, cleaning effect of ultrasound can reach ; while cleaning liquid bubble birth occurred within an average of line , cleaning the consequences will be similar outrageous workpiece average ; mutual manipulation of the cleaning agent , ultrasonic cleaning machine. Accelerate the purification and dissolved matter differences can be useful to prevent corrosion of the workpiece cleaning fluid ; without manual sorting, compare ultrasonic cleaning machine Guangwei . Denial of prejudice manual cleaning of the workpiece birth occurred , stop the nasty brawn difficult labor . Compared to see Guangwei ultrasonic cleaning machine .

Application scale
In the current total cleaning mode, the ultrasonic cleaning is the most efficient , the best kind of consequences , the reason for ultrasonic cleaning may wish to reach such a consequence , with its peculiar principles and washing steps cordial employment related . We know that automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine . In which to give birth and life , you see ] a professional production of various types of ultrasonic degreasing aspects of the device. Many things need to maintain and clean equipment . Necessary cleaning and links are also many varieties of rare hand- washing step is undoubtedly not reach begged conditions , ultrasonic cleaning machines offer . If steam cleaning and high pressure water jet cleaning can not meet the high demand for cleanliness , so this is also an increasingly broad range of ultrasonic cleaning is applied to all walks of life a matter of course .
1, the mechanical industry : oil rust removal ; measuring and cutting cleaning ; degreasing rust mechanical parts ; engine , carburetor and parts cleaning, listen automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine . Communication filters and filter cleaning and so on. A comparison below .
2 , the appearance of RBI industries : oil rust before plating ; former ion plating cleaning ; phosphate RBI ; remove coke , in fact, many . Oxide,

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