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Automotive automatic Ultrasonic cleaner machine with water, alkaline or acidic water-based solvents as cleaning agents. Mainly used in automotive parts repair washing, cleaning of metal parts machining, plating parts cleaning before and after plating, and watch parts, hardware machinery parts, jewelry, eyeglasses frames, glassware, such as semiconductor wafer cleaning. The effect is significant, economical and practical. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the face of the sharp increase of car users and car repair services continues to increase. My company specializes in the design of the cylinder GJ series ultrasonic cleaning machine parts to meet the needs of the majority of car repair business. The product implements complex shape (blind holes, grooves), and other parts inside and outside surfaces of porous carbon sludge, and other contaminants thorough and effective quick cleaning. ultrasound in vehicle maintenance and repair industry has the following distinctive features:
★ use of the equipment, can effectively achieve the internal and external surfaces of the cylinder head coke, gum, sludge and other oil-cleaned thoroughly renovated to achieve results.
★ use of the equipment, to thoroughly clean all parts lubricating oil passage holes and cooling, greatly improving engine performance.
★ Products using tap water cleaning agent, long-term use can be recycled, cleaning costs low (gasoline brushing 1/10)
★ greatly improve the cleaning efficiency of a conventional immersion cleaning, cleaning methods such as heating spray 5-10 times.
★ High voltage crystal transducer, a special bonding process, ultrasound strong support for a long high-intensity operations.
★ hydropower split design, safe and reliable operation.
ultrasonic power and temperature control can be adjusted and set.

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