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Automotive fuel injector cleaning machine is an emerging industry, in order to solve this problem, before some of the customers using traditional hair brush to brush, the brush is not only laborious, time-consuming, the cost is high, the most important but also cleaning is not clean. To solve this problem, I developed a word and car glib about the size of special ultrasonic cleaning machine out, is the most suitable car fuel injectors, carburetors, small bearings, small auto parts only. Cleaning time to fit washer water or gasoline to clean, wash out the effect is very perfect, can effectively clean the nozzle inside the coke out. Is the best cleaning effect, efficient, low cost way of cleaning.
For Ai Juzu speaking, the car's fuel injectors should be cleaned frequently. General automotive parts we might get a professional ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning unit cleaning the mouth but do not have too much trouble cleaning up. We can handle it yourself.

      Remove the fuel rail, remove the fuel injectors, carburetor fuel injector cleaning agent import and export coke, give additional 12V voltage injector, the injector inlet connected carburetor cleaners thin tube, too small can black tape wrapped bold, a man holding his hands to ensure that carburetor cleaner and injector inlet does not leak, another jog 12V ​​power, intermittent spray the cleaning agent until the injector spray out of the mist small, uniform to complete a. Other and so on. Note After you install injector rubber seals, not aging, defect. Unwashed good injector spray mist like a rain-like, washed injector spray mist like a mist. After the injector well to observe the upper and lower injector seals for leakage, can not have gasoline leaks.
 Injector cleaning themselves, that is very convenient and can save money, but also the maintenance of the car plays a certain role, which is a lot Ai Juzu the necessary knowledge.

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