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Ultrasonic cleaner technology

Ultrasonic cleaner technology,Ultrasonic cleaner technology,Ultrasonic cleaner technology,

Ultrasonic cleaning technology
One, known as the modern means of cleaning ultrasonic cleaning is the use of ultrasound in liquid medium cavitation, liquid media went on the outer surface of the mop to clean the body, with high quality, labor-saving, efficient and non-polluting and other notable features, In Western industrialized countries has been widely used, and achieved great economic benefits. China also began to gradually promote the use of this new technology.
Beijing Orient Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Cummins use of rich experience in ultrasound technology, combined with advanced foreign technology and electronic components, has developed a series of Ultrasonic cleaning equipment. The company uses IGBT ultrasonic power since the early 1990s took the lead in the domestic market. Power after years of continuous improvement, the introduction of new control methods, so that the product to be technically advanced level, in the automotive, electronics, electroplating and other industries has been widely used. Currently Power up to tens of kilowatts or more, and the price is much lower than similar imported equipment, and the failure rate is low and stable performance.
The company provides comprehensive technical advice and after-sales service. Wherein the power supply technology has been adopted by many.
Second, the principle of ultrasonic cleaning
20KHZ ultrasonic generator than a super audio power, through the transducer to convert mechanical vibrations of the same frequency mechanical vibration incoming cleaning fluid, ultrasonic density and white forward conduction, resulting in a myriad of tiny bubbles, these bubbles are in the ultrasonic vertical transmission of negative pressure zone formation and growth, and rapid breakdown in the positive zone. The tiny bubble formation, growth, rapid rupture process called "cavitation." In the cavitation bubbles burst generated over 10,000 transient atmospheric pressure, continuous
Produced a series of small explosions as instantaneous pressure constantly bombard the surface, so that the surface dirt quickly fall off.
When the liquid medium passed in a certain intensity of ultrasonic waves, the surface of the object to be cleaned repeated pressurization and depressurization cavitation effect, the liquid appears microporosity when the wave reaches a certain intensity, the voids of violent explosion, a strong collision, pressures up .5-50 t / cm ², with a lot of energy, so that water in excess of the acceleration 10000G impact surface of the object to be cleaned, the dirt hit down, so as to achieve a significant cleaning effect, and this effect With the liquid can reach all surfaces of the object to be cleaned, which is hand-washing, mechanical vibration, other conventional methods can not be achieved.
Since the formation of cavitation will produce acoustic pressure and thermal effects, it can be bacteria, especially the chain to fight bacteria, to the role of sterilization. In addition, the ultrasonic emulsification with a strong and uniform mixing can play, crushing and grinding action to accelerate chemical reactions.
Third, the application
In view of the above principle, ultrasonic cleaning can be widely used in various industries, to other cleaning methods is difficult to achieve. The main applications are listed below:
(A) mechanical parts cleaning (especially the precision parts): bearings, pumps, nozzles, cylinders, mechanical watches core and auto parts (not disassemble and clean), textile spindles, oil drill parts (such as gears, tools and cutting tools) and so on.
(2) for cleaning optical components: optical devices, optical fibers and the like.
(3) Cleaning of hydraulic components
(4) cleaning and handling of electromechanical components: contacts, semiconductor tube socket, high performance electrical connectors, etc..
(5) cleaning the semiconductor chip
(6) a printed circuit board cleaning
(7) metal surface treatment (such as blasting, degreasing, phosphating, passivation, etc.)
(8) a variety of glass bottles and containers for cleaning
(9) cleaning of the filter
(10) for cleaning a variety of seal
(11) precious metal cleaning
(12) Pre-treatment
(13) to eliminate clogging advanced drawing pen nib
(14) jade processing after the cleaning process
(15) dispersion of the material, ultra-fine processing
(16) electric wire drawing surface after treatment
(17) Dishwashing
(18) Nylon comb spinneret hole cleaning
(19) Battery separator comb hole cleaner rubber processing
(20) diesel fuel and water emulsion
(21) were uniformly mixed solvent
(22) wine aging treatment
(23) Seed ultrasonic flotation
Thus, ultrasound technology is widely used in machinery and electronics industry, metallurgical processing, food processing, health care textiles, art gallery, printing industry, rubber industry, pharmaceutical and domestic sphere. In addition, ultrasound technology can also be used for welding, drilling metals and precious stones, metal cutting and grinding processes, has a broad application prospects.
Fourth, product technical analysis
1, the ultrasonic power development
Early sixties, our country started to develop a variety of power ultrasonic generator (ultrasonic power), so far, ultrasonic power experienced by tubes, thyristors, transistors, VMOS and IGBT as switching elements of the development process. Consisting of a generator tubes have been formed in the seventies. But this power to the device is very low energy efficiency, high cost of power and bulky. Since the 1970s to the early eighties thyristor circuit generator was put into use, this power supply with tube power efficiency has been greatly improved compared to their volume and weight decreased. However, due to the switching speed limits and characteristics of the thyristor switch, which generally work in 20KHZ less power, the power cost is quite high, bulky and work efficiency is still not very satisfactory. There are still many companies producing and using the power house.
In order to reduce the power shortage, people started to develop and use VMOS extensive power, and crystal three power compared to, VMOS unipolar switch high switching speed, drive power is small, because the tube manufacturing process structural constraints, including single tube conduction current is small, low pressure, impact current and surge voltage capability is poor. Transistor drive power is larger, using high-power composite triode its switching speed will be greatly reduced, the composite triode generally only used below in 20KHZ. Therefore, VMOS tubes and transistors generally suitable for smaller cleaning machines and power.
In response to these characteristics, we used a fast switching speed, on-current, high pressure, strong impact, the new IGBT drive power small devices and knots and modern control technology first developed high-power, serial ultrasound power, so that product performance has been greatly improved, the cost dropped significantly. While addressing the transducer impedance changes, the center frequency drift caused by difficult problems, as ultrasonic power era of product updates.
2, the product structure
ultrasonic cleaning tank cleaning machine is mainly composed of two parts and the ultrasonic power from the cable connection. For the slot below the cleaning tank cleaning machine with transducer; for immersion washing machine, the transducer sealed in a stainless steel box. The power transducer sent electrical energy into mechanical waves to reach the goal of cleaning.
(1) cleaning tank: made of SUS304 or 316L stainless steel, can also be selected according to the specific requirements of special stainless steel cleaning process argon arc welding, must ensure absolute watertight.
(2) Transducer: the use of special titanium lead zirconate piezoelectric ceramics and metal combined into a compact vibrator head, with high efficiency, long life, easy to damage, etc., use adhesive high temperature resistance, vibration, high strength resin to prevent shedding.
(3) ultrasonic generator: Circuit structured, with the chassis panel power switch, overload indication, meter and so on. According to user needs, configure the digital timer, the installation of digital power indicator and power conditioning circuitry.
3, technical characteristics
ECP Series ultrasonic power as a new technology products, the main circuit operates in resonant state match
Power supply has the following characteristics:
(1) The circuit is very easy with a variety of different frequencies and the impedance characteristic of a piezoelectric ceramic transducer Match
(2) Operating frequency range
(3) single power, up to several kilowatts or more
(4) Power input voltage of 220V single-phase or three-phase 380V. Power when using 380V input voltage can ensure a balanced three-phase grid.
(5) ease of modular design. Tens of kilowatts or more of the washing machine may be hundreds of watts or several kilowatts of power units, which will help optimize transducer groups and to ensure that the transducer are working in the best condition; and each module has its own power protection and tracking system, if one unit fails, the other unit can still work normally easy to replace the damaged unit for easy maintenance.
(6) Each IGBT overcurrent protection element can be quickly and effectively protect the switch, to avoid damage.
(7) has a frequency feedback circuit and power feedback circuit, adjustable, locking circuits and voltage phase relationship, to avoid the load impedance varies with the ambient temperature, water level changes caused by factors such as higher power fluctuations.
(8) power supply with a limited maximum power and current capability, thereby reducing the failure rate of the power supply.
(9) can be adjusted to achieve power.
(10) has a soft start and undervoltage protection.
(11) has a fast overload and output short circuit protection.
(12) power, small size, light weight.
(13) High Power efficiency.
(14) power not only for ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic waves but also for other applications, such as ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic drilling, ultrasonic cell crushing.
ultrasonic transducer: the sandwich structure, pressurized adhesive composition, the transducer is integrally formed, stable and reliable.
4, the ultrasonic cleaning of the main parameters:
Frequency: ≥ 20KHz
Cleaning media: the use of ultrasonic cleaning, generally two types of cleaning agents: chemical solvents, water-based cleaning agent.
Chemical cleaning medium, can accelerate the effect of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning is the physical effect, two effects combine to be fully on the object, a thorough cleaning.
Power density: Power Density = transmit power (W) / emission area (cm2) is usually ≥ 0.3W/cm2, the higher the power density of Ultrasonic cavitation effect is stronger, faster, better cleaning effect. However, for precision, high surface finish of the object, using the high power density of a long object surface be cleaned "cavitation" corrosion.
ultrasonic frequency: the lower the ultrasonic frequency, in liquid cavitation generated more easily, resulting in intensity, the stronger effect, for the workpiece (rough, dirty) First wash. The ultrasonic high frequency directivity, suitable for cleaning delicate objects.
Cleaning Temperature: In general, 30 ℃ -40 ℃ ultrasonic cavitation at best. Cleaner higher the temperature, the more significant role. The practical application of ultrasound is usually used when 50 ℃ -70 ℃ operating temperature.

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