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ultrasonic frequency 20khz/25khz/28khz/33khz/40khzDigital Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Ultrasonic cavitation generator 25khz-40khz

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Latest ultrasonic generator, the company has successfully developed a new ultrasonic control technology , after a year of research and experiments , carried out the relevant tests in the relevant manufacturers to achieve very good results.

The main feature of this generator is the use of advanced digital pulse driven , as opposed to the traditional self-oscillating control technology, it is small, light weight , strong power , stable and reliable , power

Rate continuously adjustable , flexible control advantages achieved multi recognized experts. More frequency sweep from beginning to end to ensure that the machines are in the best working condition , you can maximize the ultrasonic transducer

Energy 's potential, but also has perfect protection function : over-temperature protection , output short circuit protection.

Ultrasonic cavitation generator Machine features :

The newly designed circuit boards control , ultrasonic output power loss is low , the effective power of up to 98 %. Does not affect efficiency.

High pressure resistance to flow ; reliable performance ; failure rate ; output stability.

Frequency Range : Frequency infinitely adjustable , flexible control , (13KHZ ~ 75KHZ adjustable precision to 0.1KHZ adjustable ) , the output matching better and more efficient.

Power rane: sweep function . In the range of 10-100 % power allows infinitely adjustable .

Automatic frequency tracking, primarily using digital modular technology , to meet the requirements of any precision cleaning .In the Ultrasonic vibration screening machine ultrasonic shaker power ( generator ) is the core technology of ultrasonic vibration sieve , sieve mesh to solve the clogging ask Question played a crucial role in making energy sieve shaker finer particles , higher screening efficiency for a wider range . Ultrasonic cavitation generator

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