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New technology: precision bearings online cleaning machine is one that enhances product quality and yield bearing new technology. Through online cleaning, you can eliminate substandard products in the production process, it saves space and can greatly improve the quality of products bearing and improve production efficiency. Its ultrasonic cleaning principle is as follows:


Internal size
L*W*H (mm)

Outsize mm
L*W*H (mm)

Frequency (Khz)






















Cleaning principle: Precision Bearings Online washing machine through the ultrasonic transducer propagated to hydrocarbon cleaning solution to ultrasonic cleaning fluid density in the hydrocarbon phase forward radiation, so that the cleaning liquid hydrocarbon produced tens of thousands of Small bubbles. These small bubbles under the vertical action of the ultrasonic propagation and growth of the negative pressure region is formed, and rapidly closed in the positive zone, a phenomenon known as "cavitation effect" can be generated when the bubble 1000 closes the moment atmospheric pressure, the like a series of small "explosion" constantly hitting the surface of the workpiece, the workpiece surface and the cracks in the dirt quickly falling off, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning online.
Cleaning Advantages: Ultrasonic hydrocarbon cleaning works well, after cleaning the bearing cleanliness very high cleaning speed, but also has a drying function, the entire cleaning process is safe and reliable, cracks, uneven surfaces, deep place also clean, no damage on the bearing surface, saving energy, saving cleaning agents, area and labor.
Better than conventional cleaning: original routine cleaning process has many drawbacks, precision bearings are not online because it is easy to make cleaning products cause secondary pollution, especially on the surface more complex, uneven, with blind hole of the mechanical parts, precision high degree of products such as: precision bearings, watches, electronic components, circuit boards, etc., the use of ultrasound and hydrocarbon cleaning agents to achieve the desired cleaning effect. Line ultrasonic + hydrocarbon + dry cleaning process has shown great superiority would gradually replace the traditional cleaning methods.
Process: washing machine with precision bearings online (H3-3024), for example, introduce the ultrasonic cleaning process:
Ultrasonic degassing degassing rinsing → hot air drying → → Positioning → ultrasonic cleaning spray cleaning spray rinse → → Positioning → Positioning → spray cleaning → automatic feed → strong wind shear fluid → automatic discharge

Welcome to visit, with a test sample to do cleaning, or call to obtain more detailed information and technology solutions.
Note: according to your company's production capacity, tailor-made all kinds of bearings online cleaning and drying equipment.

Ultrasonic bearings cleaner

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