Innovation is based on new thinking, new inventions and new description of the characteristics of a process of conceptualization.
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The physical cleaning Ultrasonic cleaner to introduce the concept, complemented by humane, professional design, for jewelery and a lot of personal collections, such as the various gold and silver rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, gems, badges, etc., all have safe, efficient, beautiful as new cleaning effect.
With conventional cleaning equipment, chemical drugs, manual washing and other cleaning methods, the cleaning has the following unique advantages:

a. Safety and environmental protection, the effect is great. Cleaner Ultrasonic cavitation in water propagation effects, and the role of jewelry and fine surface cracks, thus stripping everything clear stubborn dirt stains and other harmful substances, making jewelry brand new, clean and hygienic. This cleaning method for the physical cleaning, they will not cause damage to jewelery, nor will there be chemical solvent cleaning process there are a lot of the "lost gold" phenomenon, after all, the safest and most environmentally friendly way of cleaning.

b. Unique new, Ren Jun customization. Cleaning of innovative designs and bright, auspicious zodiac into them again, reflects the traditional aesthetics and perfect combination of modern cartoon, the user can optionally according to their own preferences and style to express individuality.

c. Graphic arts, compact. Cleaner exquisite shape, comparable to works of art, not only for decoration but also for ornamental; body small light, easy to carry, anywhere, anytime, anywhere to enter the working state.

d. automatically shut down, easy to operate. The cleaning using the latest control technology, using high-quality chips, easy to operate, in fact, high-tech and humanization of the crystal.

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