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Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning Machine

With the development of automotive technology, has become a vehicle carburetor on a complex structure, precision machining of the metering device. Operation of the engine carburetor vacuum created under the action of a certain proportion of gasoline and air mixture of the mechanical devices. To solve automobile carburetor cleaning problems and improve efficiency, proposed using ultrasonic technology and high temperatures combined with immersion method of cleaning auto parts. Carburetor production in the automotive and automotive repair and maintenance process needs cleaning all types of auto parts. Carburetor cleaning quality products for the car plays an extremely important role. For a long time, the cleaning liquid is mainly used (such as gasoline) manual cleaning, not only a waste of cleaning fluid, without security, but also likely to cause pollution, cleaning efficiency and the quality of cleaning is very low, or even damage the bad parts of the problem.
At present, some of the cleaning equipment mainly uses high-temperature hot water to soak and rinse method, although improved cleaning efficiency, but due to the complexity of automotive carburetor and oil strong adhesion, cleaning effect is still less than ideal. To this end, we use Ultrasonic cleaning technology, and learn the advantages of high temperature soak, developed a fully automatic Ultrasonic cleaning equipment, automotive parts cleaning aimed at achieving the mechanization and automation. Carburetor of the engine system of the heart, a good performance can be reduced to the minimum carburetor fuel savings.

Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning Machine Product Features:
1 high surface cleanliness of components: achieving carburetor engine block cylinder heads and other complex components inside and outside surfaces of the coke, gum, and other dirt thoroughly renovated to achieve the cleaning effect. Greatly improve the cleaning efficiency:
2 hours cleaning with traditional cleaning methods can be greatly shortened.
3 superior environmental performance: the use of water-based cleaning agent instead of gasoline, kerosene, alcohol and other solvents, improve safety and environmental performance of engine overhaul:
4 Thoroughly clean lubrication, including carburetor engine block, cylinder head and crank the lubricating oil passage holes, some clean cooling, improve engine cooling performance.

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