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Submersible Ultrasonic Transducer

Input Ultrasonic vibration plate vibration plate device consists of two parts and the ultrasonic generator constituted. When the standard model ultrasonic cleaning machine does not apply to the specific working conditions, in addition to special specification made ultrasonic cleaning machine, also can be added into type vibration plate device. The existing equipment, if there are general cleaning tank, you can add shock plate device, converted into ultrasonic cleaning machine.
Features: All stainless steel structure, acid and alkali resistant, beautiful and durable. Adopt split structure, the shock plate and ultrasonic generator using high-frequency cable with socket, use and maintenance are convenient.

Submersible <a href=ultrasonic transducer" title="Submersible Ultrasonic Transducer" />
Installation layout flexibility. According to need, the ultrasonic cleaning tank arranged in radiating bottom, side or top.
He excited circuit board structure;
Ultrasonic output frequency can be fine-tuned according to different working conditions
Ultrasonic generator has a frequency tuning function, the adjustment range of 2%, in different working conditions a slight adjustment of the transducer is always working in the best condition, the maximum conversion efficiency at different conditions to achieve the best good results.
Ultrasonic generator with overvoltage, overcurrent, output short circuit protection;
Ultrasonic generator with a frequency sweep function, through the cleaning process in the ultrasonic frequency sweep back and forth within a reasonable move, drive the formation of fine cleaning fluid return, so that the workpiece in the ultrasound dirt stripped away quickly while the surface, to improve cleaning efficiency.
Ultrasonic sweep line; Ultrasonic output power adjustable side continued in the range of 10-100%;
Equipment do beautiful appearance, fine, easy repair, maintenance, facilitate emergency response

Scope: plating pre-treatment, plating treatment, case strap wax, glasses frames, glassware, metal stamping parts, mechanical parts, plumbing devices, electronics, jewelry, watches and clocks, lighting and other cleaning products industry

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