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Of all the cleaning method, the ultrasonic cleaning is the most efficient, the best kind, the reason for ultrasonic cleaning can achieve such results, with its unique operating principle and cleaning methods are closely related. We know that, in the production and the production of which, need to clean a lot of things need to be cleaned and links are also many types, such as: the object of removing pollutants, and clear the small holes, a common manual cleaning methods shelter shaped objects, and objects can not be achieved requirements, even steam cleaning and high pressure water jet cleaning can not meet the demand for higher cleanliness, ultrasonic cleaning on the object but also to kill bacteria, dissolved organic pollutants, prevent excessive corrosion, etc. Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning is increasingly widely used in various industries.
Main Scope: miniature bearings, small mechanical parts, spark plugs and so on. Features: Adaptation of small quantities of parts cleaning, reduce energy consumption, cost savings, the device with automatic loop filter device to improve cleanliness.

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