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Single-Tank Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

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Single-Tank Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Features

SUS304L grade stainless steel storage Ultrasonic cleaner  , domestic brand high pressure pumps, chemical pumps, pipeline pumps are tailored according to customer needs . Continuous work long hours , built-in heating system safety , adjustable temperature control system , safety and easy operation, design and manufacture according to customer requirements .
( 1 ) can be as large quantities of continuous automatic operation
( 2 ) For a simple structure and fittings cleaning products
( 3 ) can be galvanized and stainless steel shell, with PU interior sprinkler piping , closed after a type channels.
The machine is fully enclosed structure , made ​​of stainless steel or ( side pass ) welded frame , washing machine cover part adopts single-layer structure , made ​​of 1.2mm thick stainless steel plate, affixed to the outer insulation layer , reducing energy consumption .
1.2 , the liquid tank using single-layer structure made ​​of SUS304 stainless steel 1.2mm thick stainless steel plate production ; inside the separator is divided into several regions , respectively, to achieve filtration of the cleaning fluid , iron precipitate , oil filter , oil ; liquid tank a replenishment port , discharge port overflow . Bottom inclined to the center side , the cleaning fluid from the tank bottom discharge port concentrated discharge.
1.3 tank with liquid level controller , level abnormal timely reminder of water, without water. Unusual circumstances to achieve emergency shutdown .
1.4 , and loaded with anti-rust steel tank heater at 30 to 60 minutes from room temperature to the liquid temperature . Temperature control in the range of 10 ~ 90 ℃ , manually set , automatic control. A temperature controller automatically displayed. Tank externally bonded cotton insulation to prevent heat dissipation .
4 Applications
Of all the cleaning method , the spray ultrasonic cleaning machine is the most efficient, unified way , the reason for spray cleaning machine can achieve such results , with its unique operating principle and cleaning methods are closely related . We know that in the production and life, need to clean a lot of things need to be cleaned and links are also many types , such as: object remove oil , dirt , surface rust , common manual cleaning method is slow and costly. The spray cleaning machine can clean the workpiece volume , the effect of unity, control, and low cost, therefore , spray cleaning machines are becoming widely used in various industries .
Hardware industry are: kitchen , sink, Appliances Co., Ltd. .
Civilian industry : dishes , washing dishes, towels, towels batch cleaning .
Motor Industry : Motor chassis cleaning .

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