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Pressure washer applications

Application areas: power plant
Power plant coal-fired plant fuel plant coal handling at large scale removal of tar and soot belt and roller stick.
Power plant boiler plant air preheater cleaning the outside of the tube bundle, boiler heating surface, water wall, economizer, boiler fans, flue gas desulfurization desulfurization tower, wet FGD, Pai the gray manifold, slag Explorer cleaning.
Power plant turbine workshop oil cooler, condenser, heat exchangers, coolers, turbine blades, partition clear descaling, turbine base and sliding pin system, oil cooler, condenser cleaning.
Power plant turbine blades and high temperature on the surface of the separator scale and oxide layer effectively remove the cylinder wall and the base of the hard scale and rust corrosion and coke quality coke Clear.
Power plant steam turbine condenser, high and low pressure heaters, condensers, heat exchangers and other dredge pipeline maintenance and routine maintenance and cleaning
Nuclear fuel chamber radioactive dirt

Application areas: food
Food industry for the cleaning of production lines and equipment. The next part of the food industry for special applications:
Cleaning starch processing residue and sediment in the workshop evaporative heat exchange pipes.
Cleaning the sugar industry evaporation tank, heating equipment, heat transfer equipment, production lines, and the inner wall of the pipe and other equipment in the sugar scale. Meat processing, Clear ovens, mixers and pail grease, blood and soot

Application: Chemical industry
Clear cold pipes, heaters, evaporators, reaction vessels, chemical tanks, reactor, dryer, absorption, regeneration tower, reactor, plate, shell and tube heat exchangers, coolers, radiator, water tank carbide, sewage pipes of the washing tower pipe, the scale of the slag of sewage pipes and the container tank, coke, lime, carbide, calcium sulfide, a hard polymer, iron oxide, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl alcohol and other chemical substances. A variety of equipment, containers, inside and outside wall of dirt

Application areas: pharmaceutical
Boilers, heat exchangers, tank valves, piping, the evaporator, reactor, the electrolytic cell, the filter cleaning decontamination

Application areas: aluminum
Clear the bauxite dust hardened aluminum plant equipment, cleaning alumina evaporator, filter, steam refining, tank, tank, sewer and floor routine dredge and clean.
Clear tank, filter, mill, and sewage tanks hard bauxite scale layer.
Clear crusher, screening machine, storage tank and drainage channels stiff dust sediment.
Polished finish on the aluminum surface configuration management within the rat head cleaning accessories job site drainage lines, the ash pipeline cleaning. Use ordinary sand sandblasting accessories can efficiently clear the aluminum surface oxide layer and surface processing.

Application areas: mining
Coal, stones, sludge, grease cause the device to plug the washing tub, conveyors, underground work line and shafts, and clear

Application areas: oil field
Clear the rig and tank paraffin wax and crude oil residue, drilling tube wells, paraffin wax and crude oil residues within the drill pipe, paraffin wax and crude oil deposits in the platform and tank cleaning tubing, sucker rod, drill pipe casing and crude oil, wax and hard scale on oilfield equipment and downhole equipment.

Applications: Automotive Painting
Clean the automobile manufacturing industry and on the conveyor paint and welding slag, spray booth spray booth, floor, grill, exhaust fan exhaust pipes, drains, tank and paint waste pit.

Applications: steel mills
Clear the iron and steel industry heat exchangers, cold rolling mill, coke oven, open hearth furnace, trough and hopper scale, coke, ore or lime.
The rolling mill hot-rolled billet cleaning, removal of the iron and steel industry ingot, square embryo, steel, steel, steel and steel pipe surface once, twice oxide.
Cleaning blast furnace blower; cleaning steelmaking furnace observation hole; cleaning bar roller bearing grease; clear wax, edible vegetable oil.
The large mold cleaning machinery and equipment in addition to paint, in addition to rust. The steelworks various mechanical cleaning of the container.
Melt shop, rolling workshop, repair workshop, casting workshop, mechanical workshop and storage plant equipment cleaning oil dirt, coke, tubing and condenser rust of descaling, heat exchanger cleaning, blast furnace fan, descaling, clear sand, wax removal, degreasing, cleaning roller bearing grease.

Application areas: shipyard
Cleaning decks, platforms, docks, ballast, storage boxes, boilers and heat exchangers sewage reflect the offshore drilling platform surface all kinds of sea creatures and rust
Cleaning shipyards, repair the appearance of small and medium-sized shipyards hull sediments.

Application areas: cement
Production line of cement kiln flue the crusts cleaning. Cleaning concrete mixer blades, the lumen and concrete tanker internal and external, and the bottom of the cement plant rotary kiln cement lumps, effectively clean and clear hard, dry deposition of cement, mortar, concrete and grease, help to protect the mixer and concrete tanks not damaged not fall efficiency . Use ordinary sand water sandblasting accessories in addition to paint rust instead of the picks drill processing concrete; pipe cleaning accessories cleaning cleanup outfall, down pipes and concrete pump pipe, after pouring concrete on-site reserved for the embedded pipe concrete residues and debris, to achieve the desired effect.

Application areas: alcohol plant
Cleaning the evaporator in the alcohol plant, distillation column, condenser, spiral plate heat exchangers and plate heat exchanger tube of calcium carbonate scale, mash scale.
Alcohol plant evaporator, distillation column, condenser, spiral plate heat exchangers and plate heat exchanger in the maintenance and routine maintenance the dredge and cleaning.

Application areas: casting
The casting surface cleaning all kinds of casting process lossless sand. Easy to operate, high efficiency, and will not harm the surface of the casting.
Cleaning a variety of shapes, the various casting hole and the inner hole of the sand chamber quickly and efficiently.
Using ordinary dry river sand blasting attachment efficient removal of the casting surface gravel and surface processing polishing, and can handle the oxide on the metal parts, rust and weld slag.

Applications: Rubber
Cleaning rubber plant heat exchangers, reactors, storage tanks, reactor and piping latex, nitrile rubber and scale.

Application areas: aviation
Runway degreasing, in addition to plastic, cleaning aircraft.

Application areas: paper
Heat exchangers, pipes, paper machines, tanks, evaporators, and other equipment, oils, resins, dirt, wood pulp Clear

Based on user characteristics, that is, a boiler and a large number of pipeline will certainly require high pressure cleaner
Application areas: boiler
Cleaning the boiler furnace, air pre-heater, water wall, superheater, economizer, water tubes, superheater tubes, air heaters, heat exchangers, water wall tubes in scale, rust, rust, scum, oil, salt, dirt, alkali scale and materials.

Application areas: industrial pipe cleaning
Clear pipe rust curing and the blockage caused by the original smaller diameter, clear the removal of grease, sludge and sediment in the pipeline.

Clear heat exchanger, redistilled, algae on the container tanks, reactors, cooling towers and its facilities, coke, lime, coke and lime scale. Carbide, calcium sulfide, a hard polymer, iron oxide, coke, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl alcohol, etc. on the heat exchanger and re-distillation chemicals.

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