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Powder metallurgy ultrasonic cleaning machine

 As in recent years, powder metallurgy technology development, but also on the surface of the part made ​​new demands , the need for cleaning treatment . Because metal powder metallurgy parts are pressed by the whole covered with microscopic pores, pore lye easily cleaned , reach quality standards. We chose Ultrasonic cleaning technology to successfully solve these problems and meet the cleanliness requirements of powder metallurgy parts .


Powder metallurgy Ultrasonic cleaner cleaning principle is issued by the ultrasonic generator frequency oscillation signal by the transducer into high frequency mechanical vibration transmitted to the media --- cleaning solvents , ultrasonic cleaning fluid density and white to before radiation, so that the liquid flow arising from the diameter of tens of thousands of tiny bubbles 50-500μm , there is a tiny air bubbles in the liquid under the effect of the vibration of the sound field . These bubbles vertical transmission of the ultrasonic zone of negative pressure formation, growth , and in the positive zone , when the sound pressure reaches a certain value , the bubbles increases rapidly and then suddenly closed . And closure of the bubbles generated when the shock wave generated around the thousands of atmospheres , and allow them to destroy insoluble contaminants dispersed in the cleaning fluid , when the oil particles were wrapped group and adhere to the cleaning surface , the oil is emulsified , solid particles and detachment, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying cleaning member . In this is called "cavitation " effect in the process of closure of the bubbles can form several hundred degrees Celsius and pressure more than 1000 instantaneous pressure , continuously generating a series of instantaneous pressure as small " explosion" constantly impact surface, so that the object surface and the cracks in the dirt quickly falling off, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface cleaning .
Of all the cleaning method , the ultrasonic cleaning efficiency is very high , very good one. The reason ultrasonic cleaning can achieve such results , with his unique works and cleaning methods are closely related . Because of this, it ushered in a lot of powder metallurgy manufacturers use ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning.

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