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Piston ultrasonic cleaning machine

Car engine piston is the "heart", under alternating mechanical and thermal loads, the engine operating conditions are the worst one of the key components. With the automobile on the engine power, economy, environmental protection and reliability requirements more stringent. Therefore, special cleaning equipment has become a key piston machining equipment, its function and accuracy will directly affect the key characteristics of the final product quality indicators.
Piston ultrasonic cleaning machine is designed for complex line cavity piston parts water easily develop medium and large automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, automatic feeding with a complete washing and drying the whole process, the whole process of cleaning and walking the workpiece remains basket rotation, ensuring no blind cleaning, while walking endovascular liquid water can pour.
Piston ultrasonic cleaning machine Overview:

Traditional car wash industry, the general is the use of high pressure water, plus a variety of chemical solvents and cleaning agents to complete the cleaning job, not only waste a lot of water, and wash down the dirt impurities and chemical substances contained in waste water, destruction of the environment pollution using weigute ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic car can be fully eradicated kinds of stubborn grease stains, the most important ultrasound can enter small cracks and cavities, stripping to remove grease and residues, to achieve efficient, clean, environmental protection requirements. Implementation of environmental protection and efficient cleaning, improve engine performance, thoroughly cleaning system includes an engine cylinder head, cylinder block and crankshaft oil Road hole, car ultrasonic cleaning machine performance is stable, high density, bombardment strength, cleaning speed , cleaning no dead ends, safety and energy saving, easy maintenance.

Piston ultrasonic cleaning machine process:
Feeding → washing (swing) → caustic (swing) → ultrasonic cleaning (swing) → rinsing (swing) → Cutting
Product Features:
1, the use of automated robotic method of transport, fully enclosed structure.
2, with throwing and slowly pull the dewatering system cleaning, improve the cleaning efficiency.
3, has a filtering device to ensure the cleanliness of cleaning agents.
4, a heating thermostat.
5, with exhaust ventilation system to ensure a good working environment.

Piston ultrasonic cleaning machine maintenance:
1, Power: Using comply with specifications of the power equipment and power cord, user side of the power supply circuit must be dedicated to the cleaning machine installed air switch When necessary to cut the washing machine power supply;
2, the ground wire: We produce washing machine body and generator will be in their power leads with a dedicated ground wire, and a clear distinction between the characteristics of the other wires, because the equipment and water, corrosive (swelling) Level contact can lead to leakage, please take a good grounding line safety requirements;
3, the device uses non-flammable cleaning agent, never use flammable substances as cleaning agents, the use of equipment in the need to ensure that there is flammable substances away from the occasion, the user must use special cases when certain substances, must contact the Division confirm the safety, and make the appropriate security measures;
4, wash tank will be no lack of fluid or liquid cause irreversible damage to the equipment, when used must ensure that a sufficient amount of tank cleaning liquid injection, or related to electric heaters, pumps, ultrasonic shock may damage the child and likely causing fire and personal injury;
5, the electrical control boxes and related electrical components, etc. Be careful not to splash into the water and away from water, steam, corrosive gases, dust, etc.;
6, equipment malfunction, please timely contact with our company or stop the power by experienced professional electrician to check;
7, please use the workpiece to be cleaned have to wash the feet hanging basket or rack mounted well into the wash tank is prohibited directly into the bottom of the workpiece for cleaning, as this may cause damage to the workpiece and the Bottom;
8, equipment operation, there may be the body temperature, high pressure, electrical assembly terminal surface charge, the transmission mechanism of exercise, stress caused by sudden move other possible factors, personal injury, do not open the cabinet work, in order to avoid unprotected conditions next job;
9, the device unused for a long time, please release cleaning solution, after drying inner tank and surface protection film for good, in order to prevent corrosion of equipment aging accelerated; [10]
10, keep the equipment in the workplace ventilation, dry, clean, conducive to the long-term efficient operation of equipment and optimization of working conditions;
11, is too dirty cleaning solution should be timely treatment, regular cleaning cleaning tank, sump with dirt, keeping wash tank and clean appearance, can improve the wash tank durability;
12, electrical control boxes and equipment vents away from water steam, corrosive gases, dust, regularly cleaned with compressed air attached to dust;
13, regular testing equipment, insulation performance, easy to aging electrical components for periodic inspections of the ground wire, ensure that the equipment is properly grounded this project shall have professional experience electrician;
14, regularly test the power, make sure the power line with voltage requirements, to avoid instability in the high or low power under long-term work;
15, with a filter device, regular replacement of the filter element;
16, with a transmission mechanism, should be required to regularly filling grease, oil and other lubricants, gear reducer oil replaced regularly to ensure good lubrication of the moving parts of the working conditions.

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