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ultrasonic Tube TransducerSingle-Tank Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Multi-Tank Ultrasonic Cleaning System

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What is ultrasound: Ultrasound is a mechanical vibration frequency is higher than acoustic waves from the transducer excitation voltage wafer vibration occurs , and it has high frequency, wave length, the diffraction of small, especially good directivity , can Be rays directional propagation characteristics. Ultrasound for liquids, solids penetration ability is high, particularly in the sun opaque solid , which penetrate the depth of tens of meters . Ultrasonic encounter impurities or sub- interface will produce significant reflex reflector formed into echo , hit moving objects can produce Doppler effect. Therefore, ultrasonic testing is widely used in industrial, defense , biomedical and other aspects .
More than two -tank ultrasonic cleaning machine overview
Multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine using city water, pure water , alkaline or acidic , water-based solvents as cleaning agents, and more with spray jets , hot dip , bubbling and other cleaning methods combined with the right product drying method , ultrasonic cleaning composition automatic production lines. Especially suitable for small quantities of electronic circuit boards, electronic components, watch parts , metal stamping parts, metal machine parts , jewelry , eyeglass frames , glassware, such as semiconductor wafer cleaning . Has a unique technology, targeted, simple structure, easy to use features , and low equipment cost , less investment, but also to meet the specific cleaning requirements of different products . [ 1 ]
More than three -tank ultrasonic cleaning machine features
SUS316L grade stainless steel cleaning tank , SUS304 grade stainless steel condenser Original Japan imported high-performance ultrasonic transducers BLT , adjustable LED display temperature control system built-in heating system safety , open stainless steel water separator and water control , security systems liquid condensate digital security systems ( steam tank and the regeneration tank ) , built-in fully electronic ultrasonic control system can operate continuously for a long time , safety and easy operation design and manufacture according to customer requirements
4 Multi- tank ultrasonic cleaning machine works
Multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine works what is it ? Here I will introduce the key elements of their work and steps , multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine principle and knowledge of how to work . The main principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine to the transducer , the power source frequency ultrasonic acoustic energy , and to be converted into mechanical vibrations through the washing tank wall to the trough in the cleaning solution to the ultrasonic radiation . Due to ultrasonic radiation , so that the micro-bubble in the liquid tank to the action of the waves so as to maintain the vibration .
When the sound pressure or sound intensity when under pressure reaches a certain level , the bubble will quickly swell , then suddenly closed . During this process, the bubble closed instantly generate shock waves, the bubble created around 1012-1013pa pressure and Bureau thermostat, this Ultrasonic cavitation generated by the enormous pressure can damage the insoluble dirt and allow them to differentiate in solution, steam -type cavitation repeated impact directly on the dirt .
On the one hand destruction dirt and cleaning the surface adsorption layer of dirt on the other hand can cause fatigue damage and was dismissed from the gas -type vibration on the solid surface bubbles to scrub , dirt floor joints can be drilled once the bubble immediately " drilled "vibration off the smear layer , the cavitation in the interface of two liquids rapidly dispersing emulsified oil when the solid particles are wrapped and adhered to the surface cleaning , the oil is emulsified , solid particles to fall off , ultrasonic propagate in the cleaning solution will produce a sound pressure alternating positive and negative , to form the jet , impact cleaning member , and due to the nonlinear effect and micro generates acoustic streaming audio stream, and the ultrasonic cavitation in solid and liquid interface will produce a high-speed micro-jet , in all of these , capable of destroying dirt, remove or reduce the boundary layer of dirt , increase mixing, diffusion, accelerate the dissolution of the soluble dirt , chemical cleaning agent to enhance cleaning effect . Thus , those who dipped into the liquid and the sound field can exist where there cleaning effect , which is characterized by a very complex surface shape for parts cleaning. Especially the use of this technology , you can reduce the amount of chemical solvents , thus greatly reducing environmental pollution.  Multi-Tank Ultrasonic Cleaning System

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