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Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used for cleaning all kinds of lab instruments, mixing various chemicals, dental laboratory equipment cleaning more and more aware of ultrasonic cleaning convenience and practicality. The inner wall of the experimental glassware has been less than human hand is not clean, laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine a good solution to this problem. As ultrasonic energy can penetrate the inner wall of glassware and fine cracks, holes, corners, it can be applied to any glassware, test tubes, beakers, parts or assemblies cleaning. When cleaning parts for precision glassware, components or assemblies, the ultrasonic cleaning often become able to meet their specific technical requirements unique cleaning method.
Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine Product Features:

◆ tank made of imported stainless steel, acid and alkali resistant, elegant appearance.
◆ Imported high-quality high Q value transducer and unique ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic output power and strength.
◆ Adopt Germany imported and unique adhesive bonding process to ensure that the water temperature transducer 100 to work long hours, and durable.
◆ equipped with automatic temperature control heating device, temperature range: room temperature -100 ℃.
◆ ultrasonic generator and cylinder sub-structure, using high-frequency line stand connection.
◆ easy to use and maintain.
◆ ultrasonic generator using current international leader in his excited oscillation circuit structure, compared with the traditional self-excited oscillation circuit structure in the output power increased by 15% or more, to maximize the potential of the transducer. Working voltage AC220 ± 10V. Overvoltage, overcurrent, output short circuit protection. With frequency tuning, automatic frequency tracking functions in different conditions to achieve the best results. Promote the formation of fine cleaning fluid return, so that the workpiece in the ultrasound dirt stripped away quickly while the surface, to improve cleaning efficiency. With stepless power adjustment function, the output power can be achieved 10% - 100% of continuous adjustment to suit the requirements of a variety of cleaning objects.


Internal size
L*W*H (mm)

Outsize mm
L*W*H (mm)

Frequency (Khz)






















Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine Service and Support
A sale of each piece of equipment before, our sales engineers will fully understand customer needs, and a large number of experiments to ensure the most valuable products.
2 We will ship on time, each device before delivery will go through rigorous testing and repeated testing, in order to meet customer requirements for equipment and the necessary preparations.
3 Our engineers will help customers install equipment necessary to achieve the best state of the application debugging and until the client can independently use the device before leaving.
4 We will pay close attention to the use of equipment sold, and occasional visit customers to collect their opinions and suggestions in order to be adjusted in practical work and improvements.
5 Our service staff ready to deal with any unexpected equipment failure, and timely supply of spare parts for customers, enabling customers to reduce the losses to a minimum.

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