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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Systemindustrial ultrasonic tank generator

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning generator

industrial ultrasonic cleaning generatorIndustrial Ultrasonic Cleaning generator,Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning generator

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning generator using the world's leading IGBT he excited oscillation circuit structure, compared with the previous self-excited oscillation circuit structure in the output power increased by more than 10%.

ultrasonic generator device operating voltage AC220 ± 10V. Ultrasonic generator overvoltage, overcurrent protection, output short circuit. Ultrasonic generator has a frequency automatic adjustment function, in different working conditions transducer is always working in the best condition, the maximum conversion efficiency in different conditions to achieve the best results.


Ultrasonic generator with automatic sweep function, in the cleaning process by the ultrasonic frequency in a reasonable range sweep reciprocally drive the formation of fine cleaning liquid reflux dirt workpiece while the ultrasonic peeling away from the surface quickly and improve the cleaning efficiency .
  The ultrasonic generator with a power regulating function, the output power can achieve 10% -100% of the continuous adjustment to accommodate various cleaning objects.Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning generator


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