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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System

industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System,Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System,Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Industrial cleaning generally can be classified in the following three ways:

1 . Precision cleaning in accordance with the requirements of different, mainly divided into general industrial ultrasonic cleaning, industrial cleaning precision and ultra precision industrial cleaning three categories.
General industrial cleaning , including vehicles , ships, aircraft surface cleaning , generally only remove relatively coarse dirt ;
Precision industrial cleaning products processing including the cleaning process , a variety of materials and surface cleaning apparatus so as to be able to remove small particles of dirt characteristics ;
Ultra- precision cleaning of industrial production processes including precision cleaning of ultra-precision mechanical parts, electronic components, optical components, etc. , in order to remove tiny particles of dirt for the purpose .
2 . According to different cleaning methods can also be divided into physical cleaning and chemical cleaning : using the principle of mechanics , acoustics, optics, electrical, thermal , and rely on the role of external energy , such as mechanical friction , ultrasonic , vacuum , high pressure . ) In the strike . Removing surface dirt UV method , steam, etc. is called the physical washing ; rely effect chemical reactions using chemicals or other solvent to remove surface dirt chemical cleaning method is called . Various inorganic or organic acids , such as removal of surface rust , scale, surface stain removal using an oxidizing agent , and a fungicide . Disinfectants to kill and remove mildew and other microbes . Physical cleaning and chemical cleaning there are advantages and disadvantages , but also has a very good complementary. In actual application process, often using the two together to get a better cleaning effect.
3 . The cleaning media is different , can be divided into wet and dry cleaning cleaning: Cleaning liquid medium will generally be referred to in the wet cleaning , the cleaning medium in the gas known as dry cleaning . Traditional cleaning methods are mostly wet cleaning , and people easier to understand dry cleaning is a vacuum cleaner. But in recent years , the rapid development of dry- cleaning . Such as laser cleaning. UV cleaning , plasma cleaning , dry ice cleaning, etc. , at high . Fine, sharp field of industrial technology developed rapidly.
3 Scope
Involved in the process of cleaning industrial production and labor are all industrial sectors cleaning . Food industry. Textile industry. Paper industry. Printing industry . Petroleum processing industry . Transportation, electric power industry, metal processing industry , machinery industry . Automobile manufacturing , instrumentation , electronics , telecommunications, home appliances. Medical devices. Optical products, military equipment , aerospace, nuclear industry and so a large number of applications to the cleaning technology.
Advantage of four industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine
Ultrasonic cleaner is internationally recognized as the current most efficient and best cleaning methods , the cleaning efficiency of over 98% , cleaning cleanliness has reached the highest level , and the cleaning efficiency of traditional manual cleaning and organic solvent cleaning only 60% - 70% , even vapor cleaning and high pressure water jet cleaning cleaning efficiency is less than 90% and therefore , industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine for its high efficiency, good effect, suitable for cleaning large workload characteristics is undoubtedly the best choice for cleaning , this is why those who require high cleanliness industries , such as vacuum coating , optical equipment, medical equipment and other industries have chosen ultrasonic cleaning reasons.
Advantages of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine are as follows:
① thorough cleaning parts dead : ultrasonic cleaning machine for hand- washing and other ways can not be fully effective for cleaning workpieces , with significant cleaning effect can be cleaned thoroughly to achieve the requirements of complex workpieces remove stains hidden corner of the dead ;
② variety of workpieces batch cleaning : no matter how complex shape of the workpiece , put it in the washing solution , as long as they have access to a place of liquid ultrasonic cleaning action can achieve . Ultrasonic cleaning machine on the shape and structure of complex workpieces is particularly applicable ;
③ multi-purpose cleaner : ultrasonic cleaning machine can be combined with different solvents to achieve different effects, to meet the different supporting the production process, such as : oil, rust , dust , wax , in addition to dust, in addition to or phosphating , passivation, vitrified , electroplating.
④ reduce pollution : Ultrasonic cleaning can effectively reduce pollution, reduce damage to human toxic solvents , environmentally friendly and efficient.
⑤ reduce manual : the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine can achieve automatic workpiece cleaning, drying , cleaning and unloading only configuration at each end of a workpiece operations staff can greatly reduce the number of personnel required manual cleaning and cleaning time .
⑥ reduced operating time : ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning compared with manual cleaning , manual cleaning cleaning time is reduced to a quarter ;
⑦ reduce labor intensity : manual cleaning : cleaning the environment than the harsh , heavy physical labor , complex mechanical parts need to take a long time cleaning ultrasonic cleaning : low labor intensity , cleaning the environment clean and orderly , and efficient automatic cleaning complex parts .
⑧ green energy : ultrasonic cleaning filtration system support , enabling the loop filter cleaning solvent used repeatedly for saving water , cleaning solvents costs and improve environmental image of great significance.Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System

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