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Image intensifier ultrasonic cleaning machine

 Image intensifier is a two-dimensional low-light images capable of detecting optoelectronic devices , night vision technology is the core of modern devices , a very wide range of applications . To meet the image intensifier image quality, image intensifier must be clean and free of dirt . Now that image intensifier cleaning method is the use of traditional cleaning methods , and traditional cleaning methods can not be effectively cleaned image intensifier . Weigute image intensifier by the shape and cleaning requirements , the use of the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine , designed and manufactured a new type of image intensifier ultrasonic cleaning machine.

       Compared to other methods of cleaning , image intensifier ultrasonic cleaning machine shown significant superiority of image intensifier ultrasonic cleaning machine can replace the traditional dip, brush , pressure washing , steam cleaning and vibration cleaning and other processes . Image intensifier ultrasonic cleaning machine with neutral water-based solvent , ethanol , IPA and other solvents , mature technology , automated assembly line operations, thoroughly remove dirt and moisture on the part to achieve high water mark cleanliness requirements. Use of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning image intensifier can effectively improve the efficiency and cleanliness , thanks to its sound wave propagation in the medium penetration and cavitation generated by the impact of chronic disease , so it is easy to be with complex shapes and cavities. parts and fine air clean for image intensifier cleaning process , just under ultrasonic irradiation twenty-three minutes to complete , and the speed can be increased several times compared to traditional methods , even several times , cleanliness but also to achieve high standards , but also highlights the difficult to reach with other treatment methods or irreplaceable results.
    Image intensifier use ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning , both to ensure the image intensifier image quality, but also beyond the usual cleaning methods .

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