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How night vision ultrasonic cleaning

 In recent years , China's rapid development of night vision , problems are also more, such as : the production of technological backwardness , lack of equipment , and other types of corporate strength is weak seriousness of the problem . With the development of night vision , night vision on further improve the quality of weigute Wash Equipment Co., Ltd. for the night vision to develop and design a set of night vision ultrasonic cleaning machines to solve the majority of people cleaning problems.

Night vision ultrasonic cleaning machine , the main advantage of the ultrasonic cleaning effect of the physical , chemical cleaning media coupled with the role , and then select the ultrasonic frequency and optimized power density , it can be achieved on the workpiece surface oil, dirt , fingerprints, dirt, carbon , gum and other contaminants thoroughly cleaned.
 Night vision ultrasonic cleanner high efficiency cleaning technology , mainly the adoption of Ultrasonic cavitation . He mainly exists in the liquid tiny bubbles ( cavitation nuclei ) , when the ultrasonic wave generating alternating positive and negative ( their frequency alternating tens of thousands of times per second ) propagation in liquid form , these small the cavitation nuclei due to the negative pressure in the negative pressure zone of the sudden and rapid growth , will result in positive zone pressure and rapid closure of suddenly rupture , which is the ultrasonic cavitation . Cavitation can put together the sound field of energy , in the moment of the collapse of cavitation bubbles . The liquid in a very small space to its high concentration of energy is released , will form unusually high temperatures (> 4000 ℃) and high pressure (> 50MPa). When the workpiece to be cleaned is immersed in cleaning solution, ultrasonic cavitation effect a strong effect on the workpiece , the outer surface , can achieve the purpose of cleaning .
Ultrasonic cleaner, especially for complex porous and can not be scrubbed with a hard object surface of the part . This device also uses highly efficient filtration cycle , the overflow device to increase the efficiency in the use of cleaning agents , do not damage materials, energy saving , environmental protection, safety , reduce the cost, is one of the preferred in many industries .

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