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High Power Ultrasonic cleaner

High Power Ultrasonic cleanerHigh Power Ultrasonic cleaner,High Power Ultrasonic cleaner,High Power Ultrasonic cleaner,High Power Ultrasonic cleaner

ultrasonic cleaning tank for generating source and integration . Mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, universities, research institutes working on ultrasonic liquid temperature accuracy, ultrasonic time , ultrasonic power high demand , noble of high precision cleaning , degassing, foaming, emulsification, mixing, displacement extraction level cell crushed.


High Power Ultrasonic cleaner Main performance and features
◆ digital memory and set the working time ultrasound
◆ digital memory and set the heating temperature in the container
◆ the cleaning tank made ​​of high quality 304 stainless steel plate stamping
ultrasonic frequency of 20KHz, 25KHz, 28khz, 40khz, can choose one .
 ◆ digital memory and set the ultrasonic power
◆ digital display actual temperature inside the container
I produced the power of ultrasound equipment, the introduction of today's most advanced IGBT sweep circuit , and make improvements on this basis , to improve , stable performance , reliable , continuous 24- hour operation , 365 days of uninterrupted work . In order to ensure product quality, the core components of all the world -renowned brands of components ( such as: Mitsubishi, Siemens , Motorola , etc. ) , each component on the machine before you have to have special equipment to detect , and even a few carefully selected dozens of programs in order to ensure stable and reliable product quality. Our long-term research institutions and Chinese Academy of Sciences , Tsinghua University, University of Electronic Science and Technology to establish a close cooperative relationship between technology , culture and created a number of high precision , cutting-edge talent for long-term sustainable development of enterprises laid a solid material foundation . I produced the Ultrasonic cleaning equipment : TH series one desktop ultrasonic cleaning machines, medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic pipette washing machines, dual-band multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machines, single-slot multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine , high power ultrasonic cleaning machine , ultrasonic pipette cleaner, electroplating industry for - ultrasonic cleaning machines , high-power ultrasonic cleaning machine , ultrasonic cylinder parts cleaning machines, ultrasonic dishwasher, immersion ultrasonic cleaning machine , ultrasonic cleaning machine stopper , ultrasonic titanium stick cleaning machines, ultrasonic filter cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine aluminum barrel , cake ultrasonic cleaning machine , Ultrasonic vibration boxes, digital ultrasonic cleaner , etc. . Ultrasonic extraction and ultrasound equipment: ultrasonic extraction machine, ultrasonic processor drugs , ultrasonic cell crusher , ultrasonic extraction , ultrasonic emulsifiers , dual heated ultrasonic extraction equipment, ultrasonic extraction tank , ultrasonic extraction line , ultrasonic sewage processor , ultrasonic vibrating rods. Non-destructive testing equipment: spark leak detectors, ultrasonic thickness gauge , coating thickness , coating thickness gauge , spark tester , ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic detectors and so on.High Power Ultrasonic cleaner

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