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Piezoelectric Transducer 28khz-40khzultrasonic cleaning device

Food pipeline ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Food pipeline Ultrasonic cleaning equipment,Food pipeline ultrasonic cleaning equipment,Food pipeline ultrasonic cleaning equipment,Food pipeline ultrasonic cleaning equipment,Food pipeline ultrasonic cleaning equipment


ultrasound can penetrate steel, food pipe fittings, and for the whole cleaning medium Ultrasonic vibration and cavitation bubbles, the hole for the pipe surface and thorough cleaning, ultrasonic action, the device is set to swing device, can swing back and forth, cleaning Hassle cleaning cleanliness is very high. Cleaning solution can be circulation, effectively saving cleaning costs. Mainly used for cleaning stainless steel, aluminum, brass, no refrigeration pipes and other metal pipes, use ultrasound , on the inside and outside walls of the pipe thoroughly cleaned. Since the ultrasonic cleaning with a strong ability to decrease in the course of which a cleaning agent for , long life, can be fully recycled, low cost, to reduce environmental pollution, automatic setting reduce labor operating costs. requirements, built-in heating system, easier to remove dirt, steel aluminum brass automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine strong penetration.

Ultrasonic cleaner is a typical representative of modern high technology Anti-fouling technology is a high-tech cleaning equipment concern . Ultrasonic Anti-fouling device not only can solve the long-standing business cleaning troubles , but also to solve the fundamental problem of scaling .

First, the working principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine scaling Ultrasonic Anti-fouling device is the use of ultrasonic "cavitation " effect , "chemical" effect , "cut " effect , " fiction " effect , so that under the action of a strong sound field , its physical and chemical properties of a series of morphological changes , to disperse , crush , loosely attached to the wall to form loose and difficult to fouling .

Second, the technical characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning device scaling

1, applies to any fluid , without limitation , using a wide range ;

2, no stop cleaning, descaling discontinued to save costs, but also increase the economic benefits of normal production :

3 , Anti-fouling simultaneously, to achieve a cleaning, scaling long-term effects ;

4, the devices are small, easy to install , easy to operate ;

5 , scale descaling effect is obvious , with high ultrasonic cleaning efficiency , the overall consistency of objects to be cleaned , the device remains in the best state , reducing the company's energy losses , improve the economy and security equipment operation ;

6 , ultrasonic cleaning equipment with an online continuous scaling , high degree of automation, reliable performance , no pollution, low operating costs ,

3, the difference with other cleaning methods

industrial cleaning is generally divided into two kinds of chemical cleaning and descaling physical . Chemical cleaning is not only complicated to operate , the equipment corrosion and environmental pollution on the human body have a great trip hazard . Physics Department dirt into the main method of mechanical descaling , electromagnetic induction , high-frequency vibration. Mechanical method using time-consuming , ultrasonic cleaning effect is poor, and the need for regular discontinued treatment ; electromagnetic induction method is only applicable to the removal of scale, some only play a scaling effect, cleaning effect is not obvious ; ultrasonic frequency vibration is actually a forms, it is not up to the frequency of the ultrasonic effect .Fourth, the scope ofUltrasonic Anti-fouling equipment is widely used , mainly in the chemical, pharmaceutical, ultrasonic power , oil, steel, food , oil refining and other industries, as long as the carrier fluid stains can be caused by a device removed.Food pipeline ultrasonic cleaning equipment

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