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Focused Ultrasound technology research desizing

Abstract: The use of a new type of focused ultrasonic desizing technology, focusing ultrasonic desizing devices are briefly introduced, through experiments with conventional alkaline desizing, desizing conventional ultrasonic desizing compared the effects that new technologies with the short, high efficiency, low temperature and the desired cleaning solution, can reduce the use of chemicals. This technology is particularly suitable for tight weave fabric, fabric after desizing breaking strength and elongation is superior to conventional methods desizing fabrics.

Keywords: Ultrasonic; desizing; cavitation; mechanical properties; Whiteness

At present, the ultrasonic technology in the textile field has a certain research and application, such as application to the textile dyeing and finishing can improve dye dispersion effect, changing the solubility of water-soluble dyes and textile materials and absorption of the dye is applied to the textile desizing process , not only can improve the process of enzymatic desizing enzyme activity can also reduce fiber damage desizing premise of improving efficiency, while ultrasonic technology in textile application reduces the amount of chemicals, reducing environmental pollution. This paper studies focused ultrasonic technology in textile desizing fields of application, in the conventional ultrasonic cleaning machine developed on the basis of a set of focused ultrasonic desizing device, be used in desizing processes, and different fabrics pulp sizing desizing effect, mechanical properties, whiteness, and so do a comparative analysis.

An experimental part

1.1 Experimental Materials

1.1.1 fabric

B3096 cotton satin fabric, sizing slurry composed of PVA, starch, acrylic acid, starch-based slurry; B2288 polyester / cotton poplin fabric, slurry composed of PVA, starch, acrylic acid, PVA-based slurry ; B3253 cotton poplin fabric, slurry composition as starch, acrylic, etc., starch-based slurry by Shandong Demian Group Co., Ltd..

1.1.2 Reagents

Analytically pure sodium hydroxide, Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd. System; penetrant JFC a 1, Hetian Chemical Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone System.

1.2 Instruments and Equipment

BRANSON2000bd. ultrasonic generator: BRANSON57525 a 12T ultrasonic cleaning machine; BRANSONCR20 transducer; BRANSON1: 1 modulator; BRANSON25mmx250mm Focused vibration head; ultrasonic cleaning tank dedicated desizing, Shanghai Branson Ultrasonics Co. system; Y802A Eight-basket constant temperature oven , Changzhou Textile Instrument Factory system; HD026N Electronic fabric strength tester, Instrument Co., Ltd. Nantong grand experiment system; DXS a lOACKT scanning electron microscope, Shanghai Tian Jing electron optics company system; WSB a IId /. Leucometer, Instrument Co., Ltd. Wenzhou system.

1.3 Process parameters and process

(A) alkaline desizing process and its processes. Process: alkali concentration 10-15g / L; penetrant 1.5g / L; bath ratio 1:50. Process: Not desizing fabric. Dipping desizing, washed with hot water (at a 95 ℃ 85 ℃ washed three times in hot water) * in cold water (3 times), drying and weighing.

(2) focusing ultrasonic desizing process parameters and their processes. Process: ultrasonic power 3.3kW, frequency 20kHz; cleaning fluid temperature 45 ℃ a 65} C; penetrant 1.5 years L. Process: Not desizing fabric (cloth width 15cm, length 250cm) -> Focused ultrasound desizing, washing with hot water (95 ℃ at 85 ℃ for a hot water wash three times) * cold water washing (three times) a bake in weighing.

(3) Ultrasound-assisted alkaline desizing process parameters and processes. Process: alkali concentration 10 to 15 reward L; penetrant 1.5 left L; ultrasonic power 500W, frequency 25kHz; cleaning fluid temperature 759C. Process: Not desizing fabric (cloth width 15cm, length 250cm), ultrasound-assisted alkaline desizing, washing with hot water (95 ℃ at 85 ℃ for a hot water wash three times). Cold water washing (three times), dried weighed.

1.3.1 Test Indicators

(1) desizing rate:

Desizing two former textile desizing slurry containing an amount of fabric after desizing slurry containing slurry containing the amount of the amount of fabric before desizing x100%

(2) fabric breaking strength: Press GB/T3923.I-1997 in test strip method, using HD026N Electronic fabric strength tester, fabric swatches 5cmx25cm, jaw spacing 20cma

(3) Whiteness: the fabric according to GB/T8424.2-2001 relative whiteness test method, diffuse illumination vertical sounding way.

1.3.2 Focused Ultrasound desizing device

Focused ultrasound desizing device consists of 5 parts: ultrasonic generator, transducer, horn, Ultrasonic vibration head and cleaning tank, see Figure 1.

Schematic of focusing ultrasonic desizing

Figure 1 Schematic of focusing ultrasonic desizing

The bottom of the cleaning tank equipped with a heating resistance wire, the cleaning liquid can (water) for heating and temperature; fabric after a period of soaking the traction of the drive roller, by horizontal vibration head constant tension; focusing type vibration head is positioned above the fabric and immersed in water. Ultrasonic cavitation generated due to the cleaning liquid strong vibration in the vertical direction, thus the impact of the slurry on the fabric, making it fall from the fabric speed, dissolved in the cleaning solution, so as to achieve the purpose of desizing.

2 Results and discussion

2.1 desizing rate is relatively

Select a cleaning fluid temperature, generator power utilization, vibration head to the fabric of the distance and the driving drum line speed ['} 4 parameters, using L9} 34) orthogonal experimental design, the selection factors and levels shown in Table 1 .

Table 1 Factors and levels of selection

Selection of the horizontal factor

Three kinds of gray fabric by orthogonal experimental design, the best solution ultrasonic desizing, as shown in Table 2.

Table 2, three kinds of fabrics best solution ultrasonic desizing

3 kinds of fabrics best solution ultrasonic desizing

At this time focusing ultrasonic desizing effect of ultrasonic assisted with this condition desizing effect of contrast in Table 3. Focused ultrasound desizing time was used once 5min, while ultrasonic desizing way desizing time 10minx used once

Table 3 two kinds desizing method to compare rates desizing%

Two kinds of desizing method to compare rates desizing%

Seen from Table 3, the focusing ultrasonic desizing once, had drained away at least half of the slurry surface of the cloth, the desizing effect with ultrasound-assisted alkaline desizing three times (ie, desizing time was 30min) is equivalent to the desizing times up to 3 times, the auxiliary base and the ultrasonic desizing 5 times (i.e. desizing time 50min) the effect is quite, focusing ultrasonic action than a certain time (desizing 3 times), its effect is significantly more than desizing Ultrasound-assisted alkaline desizing. The conventional method of alkaline desizing, which desizing rate of 70% -80%, as shown in Table 3, the focused ultrasonic desizing experiments, the selected fabric desizing for 3 times. Desizing focused ultrasonic drive roller when the line speed of 0.5m/min, the unit length of the fabric under the effect of the ultrasonic transducer head time of about 5s, but due to the ultrasonic vibration head up to a maximum power density of 50W / c resistance, in intensity, the ultrasound on the fabric of the slurry stripping still have a good effect.

In front of the fabric desizing, soak it first time, then start desizing. The first role of ultrasound in the slurry stripping effect is poor, the fabric is because the main function of ultrasonic waves is in addition to gas, ie excluding material in the air, the water sufficiently penetrate into the fabric interior; ultrasound Liangci time, play a major role in the ultrasonic cavitation, part slurry was stripping down; when the ultrasonic effect three times, the ultrasonic "secondary cavitation" effect makes the most of the slurry from the fabric come off, and then dissolve into water, the maximum time base desizing effect, continue to increase the number of desizing, desizing small changes, and even lower (see Figure 2), which may be due to the role of ultrasound that has been retired slurry infiltration again due to the fabric, so the fabric after ultrasound timely and adequate washing is necessary.

Focused ultrasound desizing desizing times on the rate of desizing

Figure 2 focused ultrasonic desizing desizing times on the rate of desizing

Ultrasonic effect on the fabric, if the relatively loose weave, ultrasonic vibration energy will penetrate the fabric part of the interstitial leaving desizing efficiency. Since B2288 weave more closely, the role of ultrasound in the fabric when the power efficiency is high, relatively speaking, fabric desizing effect is better. Figures 3 and 4 are focused through the fabric B2288 and conventional ultrasonic alkaline desizing after desizing SEM images, it can be seen, most of the pulp on the fabric has been removed, the residue attached to the surface of the fabric by the slurry thoroughly washed to remove.

Focused ultrasound scan images after desizing

Figure 3 Focused ultrasound scan images after desizing

Conventional scanned image after alkaline desizing

Figure 4 General scanned image after alkaline desizing

2.2 Comparison of mechanical properties of the fabric desizing

Parameters in the best desizing, desizing focused ultrasonic and conventional alkaline desizing, desizing fabrics ultrasonic assisted mechanical properties are shown in Table 40 Table 43 Comparison of different methods of fabric desizing Comparison of mechanical properties shown in Table 4, three kinds The resulting fabric desizing method breaking strength are: focusing ultrasonic desizing> General alkaline desizing> ultrasonic assisted alkaline desizing. Focused ultrasound desizing the fabric strength is significantly higher than the latter two, which is due to focusing ultrasonic desizing shorter duration of action of the fabric, thereby reducing the potential damage to the fabric, and after the focusing type ultrasonic elongation of the fabric has improved to some extent. Ultrasound-assisted alkaline desizing resulting fabric breaking strength and elongation at break is significantly lower, the reason may be due to the fabric under the action of alkali puffing swelling, making the fiber surface defects or cracks are more original exposed, when the ultrasonic effect on fibers, the inevitable defects in the material of the original stress strain energy. 'E} i}' ultrasonic energy transmitted portion is bound into the surface of the crack required for expansion of new energy, causing crack, resulting in fiber surface Like corroded same.

2.3 desizing whiteness compared (Table 5)

Desizing after Table 5 Comparison% whiteness

After desizing% whiteness comparison

From Table 5, focusing ultrasonic desizing slurry is removed while the surface of the fabric, the mixed effect inside the fabric or fabric whiteness surface have certain impurities removal, therefore, also relatively high whiteness. After desizing three different approach, the fabric whiteness or less, but also to the fabric whiteness after desizing requirements.

3 Conclusion

(1) with a focused ultrasonic desizing only a short time, high efficiency, low temperature required for the cleaning liquid, but also reduces the use of some chemical agent, effectively reducing the environmental pollution desizing step.

(2) focusing ultrasonic desizing more applicable to organizations more closely fabric, and the fabric desizing mechanical properties, such as the breaking strength and elongation to be superior to conventional alkaline desizing the fabric mechanical properties.

(3) obtained by the method with the conventional fabric desizing compared focused ultrasonic desizing the fabric whiteness increased slightly.

Currently, the relatively high price of ultrasound equipment, and noise and other issues, so that the actual production application subject to certain restrictions. However, the method of ultrasonic desizing saving, efficient, clean, etc. meet the current requirements of low-carbon economy and technology, it is worth further study.

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