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Fire mask ultrasonic cleaning machine

Fire mask ultrasonic cleaning machine Main purpose : fire equipment , gas mask , fire mask , medical supply room surgical instruments , electronic components, electroplating , metal , watches , machinery, strap, tools, small and medium sized bearings and glassware .


The ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning principle is high frequency oscillation signal emitted by the Ultrasonic cleaner, by the transducer is converted into high frequency mechanical vibration transmitted to the media - the cleaning solution, ultrasonic cleaning fluid density and white forward radiation, so that the liquid flows generated tens of thousands of tiny bubbles . These bubbles in the negative zone vertical transmission of ultrasonic formation, growth , and rapidly closed in positive zone . In this is called " cavitation" effect of the process , bubbles can form more than 1000 closure pressure transients , continuously produce instantaneous pressure as a series of small " explosion" continue to impact the surface of the object , so that the object surface and cracks in the dirt quickly falling off, so as to achieve the object surface purification purposes.
Ultrasonic cleaner high efficiency and cleanliness , thanks to its penetration and cavitation shock wave produced when sound waves propagate in the medium. So it is easy to part with a complex shape , empty cavity clean and fine for general degreasing , rust , phosphate and other processes , the role of ultrasound can be completed in just under two or three minutes the speed than traditional methods can increase several times to times , cleanliness can achieve high standards.
There is also an additional ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning spray tank, cleaning tank with washer into one. Surrounded by stainless steel doors, a convenient, beautiful appearance operations ;


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