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Construction of machine axle device pipeline ultrasonic inquest procedures

Design and development of new types of probes, in order to ensure that the small angle probe scanning ultrasonic main beam always passes through the centerline of the axle, the main voice cracks intersect, so as to improve axle detection precision and accuracy. Scanning the axle 4 parts and sound transmission performance testing and axle cracks, replace the six different specifications of the probe individually proofing sensitivity, gradually all over the axle end scanning to complete. Therefore, the need to develop a novel combination of probe device and multi-channel digital flaw detector, in order to improve testing efficiency.

Can always monitor the process of forming an image of the operating state of the probe, to prevent leakage of Exploration probe apparatus of the multi-function combination with a powerful magnet adsorbed on the axle end surface, combined with the action of the spring within the sub-probe, so that a good acoustic coupling, thus ensuring the accuracy of the flaw detection and accuracy.

Key technologies developed with 6 channels at the same time or separately waveform display and imaging, storage, networking, printing capabilities, performance and stability high-quality SL20002B-multi-channel ultrasonic detector. Design and development of a multifunction probe device so that it can detect axle multi-site, high sensitivity, less clutter, the testing process, always keep the coupling in good condition, easy to operate, the B-scan performance. Development axle multi-site detection information processing and software testing management.

Part of the structure of the overall system locomotive axle multi-channel ultrasonic flaw detection system, B scan by SL20002B six-channel ultrasonic detector multi-functional combination probe apparatus, ultrasonic B-scan imaging detection software, the the axles real test block and the testing process of order 5 parts. Structure SL20002B multi-channel ultrasonic detector is a based on the computerization of Win2dows2000 platform ultrasonic testing equipment (see). Ultrasonic transmitter, receiver, and B-scan positioning based on ultrasound imaging of the PC, PCI bus interface card.

Characteristics of the device with high integration, powerful, easy to use and so on. This instrument and the combination probe device with the locomotive axle 6-channel ultrasonic testing and ultrasound B-scan imaging detection can be achieved. Same time, because the device is based on the PC platform, it can be achieved with general-purpose PC, the connection of peripherals, such as keyboard, mouse, serial, parallel, USB, network connection. B-scan multifunction probe the structure and characteristics of the device structure by DF11, SS8, SS9 locomotive axle force analysis, research, each with six different angle probe combination to complete the axle comprehensive testing, including all axes through the sound, the axle cracks scanning, journal, wheel inserts into the inside wheel inserts into the outside of the gear inspection Inlaid Part 6 detection zone. Design a multi-functional combination of B-scan probe device consists of a matrix, centering rod, rotate handle, adjusting bolts, coding counter, magnet, cover and six different specifications of the probe.

Function of the system of the system SL20002B multi-channel ultrasonic detector is based on the work platform Windows2000 computerized ultrasonic testing, the detection module 6-channel PCI bus card ultrasonic interface card with a specific scan imaging device, can be realized axle detection, and ultrasonic imaging (the end face of the axle stress within the quasi-two-dimensional graphics) detection; the combination probe device supporting the system, to be completed on a one-time testing of the six parts of the axle, once identified the axle of a The stress zone fatigue cracks or other defects, the ultrasound information received by the sub-probe with a multi-channel flaw detector immediately displayed on the LCD screen of the corresponding channel, according to the combination of the probe in the axial end surface of the relative position and rotation as well as the sub-probe at the reflecting body the horizontal distance, the circumferential and longitudinal position of the defect can be determined, the arc length of the defect can be measured according to the angle of rotation of the combination of probe, distance moved radially according to the sub-probe and a reflected wave height can be measured defect depth, so do quickly and accurately testing the axle.

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