Innovation is based on new thinking, new inventions and new description of the characteristics of a process of conceptualization.
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China became the world ultrasonic cleaning technology vital force

WASHINGTON (Maxiao Cheng) World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) recently released a new report shows that Denmark, Israel, Sweden, Finland and the United States in the global clean technology innovation capability Top 5 breakdown of the list, while India and China12 and 13.
    The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) 2012 Global Cleantech Innovation Index report released the same day, a total of 38 countries and regions with clean technology innovation capability is incorporated into this study.

    The report pointed out that India and China are not in the top 10, but moved up in the future strong potential, because the two countries is the largest producer of clean technology products, and increasing government support, a large number of ready to enter the private funds and huge the domestic market. There are indications that the two countries in the near future may nurture the next generation of clean technologies more enterprise.

    Reported that the top four are Denmark, Israel, Sweden and Finland, the small size of their economies, more innovative clean technologies, due to lack of space of the domestic market, these countries greater development of the ability "Innovative ways and cooperation" to make up for it. The United States came in the first five, because the United States has the largest number of clean technology research and development capital budget, the highest number of related start-ups and investors. "China Quality News

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