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Turbine, the bearing is an important component of the bearing, the sliding contact portions of the bearing and the shaft, very smooth, generally with bronze alloy wear-resistant anti-friction material, also called "bushing", the shape of tile-shaped semi-cylinders. Its main role is: the force exerted by the journal bearing to maintain stable oil film, the bearing and less work smoothly bearing friction losses. Bush at work, in addition to causing wear and tear and the journal, but also to pass it with the journal load, so clean bush became an important part lies.
In the bearing pad cleaning process, with no Xilei Shi factory produced ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine, select a frequency 20 ~ 40khz ultrasonic, ensure that the power density 0.7 ~ 0.9W / C m range, this band ultrasonic power for dirt adhesion surface or a large part of the occasion, the cleaning time is short, high efficiency, the effect is obvious, the control circuit using sweep circuit or a frequency tracking circuit that controls the power output, the transducer can make all other power output, and power throughout the cleaning tank consistent mean field, effective removal of standing wave field, so that part is not cleaned in the cleaning process corners.
Product cleaning process in the selected frequency, usually selected in the high frequency 28 ~ 65KHZ, this band is preferably an ultrasonic penetration, easy to remove the assembled parts (rolling element and the cage, the rolling element and outer rings) contact area dirt

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