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The complex shape of the fuel injection pump, a rotary way to combine 360 ​​degree spray washing, ultrasonic cleaning, the use of the workpiece with ultrasonic cleaning basket rotating manner, far infrared drying. Equipment, access to materials in the same location in the lower wash area, drying area in the upper, effectively saving equipment footprint. ;
Fuel Injection ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine pump nozzle consists of: 1. Transducer with a stainless steel cleaning tank or vibration plate 2. Pump nozzle ultrasonic generator produces our own pump nozzle ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic cleaning machine pump nozzle The ultrasonic generator uses advanced German technology, has the following advantages: (1) small size, light weight, high frequency, and has good isolation performance, increase generator safety. (2) using a variety of high-frequency low-frequency filtering method has good anti-interference. 3 high-power module, there is no second breakdown switches, characteristics, and high switching frequency and having a positive temperature coefficient, the number of tubes can be used in parallel. 4 is set using the IC features overvoltage, undervoltage lockout, delay soft start, thermal overload protection, overcurrent protection functions, improve the reliability of the machine. Pump ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic cleaning machine nozzle, Fuel Injection special ultrasonic cleaning machine using alkaline or acidic water-based solvent as a cleaning agent, low cost, good cleaning effect, and also save labor, for a variety of product parts need to be cleaned industry, especially for complex shapes, high cleanliness requirements, manual cleaning products not meet the requirements of the workpiece, the better. Fuel Injection special ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine pump, nozzle ultrasonic cleaning machine due to its good performance by the majority of garages, manufacturing companies favored sold throughout the country.
Other features of the control circuit
a, the advantages of digital sweep function: Because the existing domestic manufacturers to adopt a single ultrasonic frequency ultrasonic cleaning workpiece can not be fully and thoroughly cleaned. The cleaning work sweep function can be cleaned simultaneously multiple frequency ultrasound, so to avoid a single frequency ultrasonic peaks and troughs, so that the workpiece to be cleaned more thoroughly cleaned cleaner, there is no dead ends.
b, the water level frequency automatic tracking feature advantages: Because both water level and water flow rate of the ultrasonic effect greatly, so our company successfully developed at different water levels and flow speed automatic frequency adjustment function, thus ensuring the ultrasound results, but also to ensure ultrasound frequency matching, so that the stability of products to a higher level.

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