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With modern automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft and other transport, the rapid growth of the service of a higher and more stringent requirements. The traditional means of parts cleaning can no longer meet modern engines, transmissions and other repair parts reassembly process requirements, parts cleaning service in the modern enterprise has occupied an increasingly important position. I QUS-Q series of ultrasonic cleaning machine is designed to meet this requirement and manufacture of special equipment. It replaces the traditional manual cleaning and thermal spray cleaning time-consuming, laborious, costly cleaning process.
Scope: large trucks, large buses and honing Centre

Multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine series Product Description: use water as a cleaning agent additives little radical, low cost, good cleaning effect, cost-effective. Can be used for rinsing or coarse rough wash + wash + rinse / dehydration rust treatment.
Scope: electronic parts, plating pretreatment, metal stampings, bearings and other products of small and medium crude washing, rinsing, dehydration rust and other surface treatment.
Structural features:
· All stainless steel structure, acid and alkali, looks nice.
· Within the tank transducer bonding plates made ​​of high quality 304 or 316L stainless steel, thickness 2.5 ~ 3mm, more corrosion resistant

· ultrasonic generator: External independent generators, advanced sweep technology, stronger and more stable performance.
· Slot and multi-slot can be realized simultaneously rough wash, rinse, surface treatment and other aspects of energy conservation and efficiency

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