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Ultrasonic cleaning machine transducer how the distribution?28khz/40khz transductores ultrasonido

Application of ultrasonic cleaning machine before plating What?

 In the electroplating , the purpose is to pre-treatment to remove surface dirt and impurities exist , making it suitable for active surface plating . The reason many poor quality plating pre-treatment is not good. The pre-treatment is not good, mostly unused Ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Currently, the electroplating industry is not very understanding of the practical application of ultrasonic cleaning equipment , it is necessary to talk about its use.

Ultrasonic pre-treatment : the work must be based on the actual situation , the use of suitable methods for effective treatment before plating cleaning . Metal substrates are generally divided into stampings and die castings. Oil above stampings general stamping oil , because of its relatively high density so relatively easy to clean. Pickling generally available , such as electrolysis . Depending on the manufacturers to conduct ultrasonic cleaning is better. While zinc , aluminum, copper and other metal casting more difficult to clean . Added by casting the various elements , in addition to molding , pulled , rolling, cutting and polishing process can also be used all kinds of oil , such as oil, a polishing oil. Please wash machine for ultrasonic speaking, the oil can be easily removed. But polishing oil into butter white oil , green oil , which is more difficult to remove . Therefore, we must choose the right ultrasonic cleaning equipment and cleaning fluid. If a material is copper triangle valve , polished after cleaning, polishing oil shortening , butter, bath temperature of 70 ℃, ultrasonic power 1.0W/cm when ordinary cleaning solution 3-4 minutes clean, get proper plating surface , but when polished oil green oil , must be soaked first then use degreasing effect of a good cleaning fluid ( the company's German production of S 104, Fortune wax water , etc. ) , bath temperature it is 70 ℃, ultrasonic power when 1.5KW/cm, need 4-5 minutes to get the right plated surface. Such as zinc alloy parts , generally used in strong alkaline cleaning solution , at a temperature between 65 ℃ -75 ℃, in 2 minutes ( depending on the polishing time given ) will be able to remove the polish oil. In order to effectively prevent the plating process , such as finger prints stick to the surface of the workpiece, I developed a hanger directly into the ultrasonic cleaning machines, can effectively improve the efficiency of solving friction between the workpiece appear in cleaning wounds to prevent secondary pollution after cleaning and other issues , has been widely promoted and achieved the electroplating industry users.
 In understanding the type of substrate , after oil , have to understand the relationship between choice and ultrasonic power and frequency. ultrasonic frequency is generally between 20-100KHZ. Pre-treatment of ordinary workpiece , the general low frequency , the power of ultrasonic cleaning equipment ( such as frequency 25-28khz, power density 1W/cm).
Because low frequency than high frequency prone to cavitation in the medium , the shape is simple , not very precise workpiece , washing machine will be able to meet such requirements . Characterized by noisy grid cheap. The number of high precision workpieces , are typically used in high frequency (40-68KHZ), High Power ultrasonic cleaning machine. So class cleaning machines for complex -shaped workpieces surface cracks , gaps , deep , blind holes and other cleaning better. However, the role of ultrasonic cleaning solution arrives just in there to clean the place in order to play the role . That is to avoid deep , blind holes with air, and pay attention to the whereabouts of impurities , bleaching and cleaning is not in place to deal with the phenomenon of the oil. After ultrasonic treatment: after rinsing the workpiece even after plating , but some of the more complex parts , in particular, there is a gap , deep blind hole in the workpiece ( such as glasses spring legs ) can not play the desired effect. Only by using ultrasound to remove the plating solution gaps , deep , blind holes residual . General in this regard selectable frequency slightly higher power density is generally to ultrasonic cleaning machine .

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