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40khz ultrasonic cleaner 220V

Company to introduce foreign parts and technology, and establish a good interaction between R & D results into products, strong protection of advanced technology upgrade to the latest scientific and technological achievements references. Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen-large team has engaged in years of ultrasound industry's novel engineering and technical personnel and a team of experienced service personnel. On design and production, absorbing the advanced technology of the developed countries in Europe and the United States, innovation, bold and innovative, and to a project, several sets of programs to meet the needs of different customers. In parts of the core, using all the original accessories provided by the domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers to ensure product quality and performance.

In the field of cleaning industry, SK ultrasound innovation and accumulated a wealth of experience in the development and production of a variety of ultrasonic range into ultrasonic shock board, single-slot washing machine, vapor ultrasonic cleaning machine, automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, the carboxyhemoglobin washing machine, large non-standard cleaning production line and a series of products, adhere to the cleaning equipment for the core business foundation, the Eurasian ultrasound trillion-frequency ultrasonic cleaning, the expansion of the development and application of carbon chlorine vacuum cleaning.

We have a state-of-the-art ultrasonic test equipment and more than 20 professional engaged in the ultrasound industry more than 15 years of senior R & D staff R & D team. We specialize in a variety of automated, intelligent high-precision ultrasonic equipment research and development, the comprehensive development of a variety of ultrasonic welding technology and non-standard equipment. Reliable product quality, high technology content, the main parts are imported from Europe, America, Japan and other regions and countries, the first company to improve ultrasonic technology, and the first use of digital circuit design, the first single-chip technology into the ultrasound industry, in the same the product has a strong competitive edge.

 We 40khz ultrasonic cleaning machine, 40kHz ultrasonic cleaning transducer 40kHz ultrasonic transducer.
28khz refers to 28000 times per minute shock frequency and shock head
40KHz refers i.e. 40,000 times per minute shock frequency and shock head
Obvious, but the numbers will be able to see the difference
A 28K, one is 40K. .
In the ultrasonic field, the larger the number, the number of shock on his behalf and more!
In the cleaning field, the ships low frequency sound waves generated by larger bubbles, and cleansing are some of the more bulky workpieces!
Conversely, the smaller high frequency! Cleaning workpiece precision!

40khz Ultrasonic cleaner 220V Product advantages

1, all stainless steel, never rust, durable.
2, a new generation of no radiator, no vents to prevent damp short circuit water.
3, anti-corrosion dustproof and waterproof design, safety ground, to ensure stable performance, safe operation.
4,24 hours of work, out of power, no noise and high cleaning efficiency, good cleaning effect.
5, to replace the traditional manual cleaning, reduce manpower, save time, and no damage has no anti-work rate, effectively reducing the cost and labor.
6, long warranty, one year free warranty and lifetime maintenance.

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