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Ultrasonic cleaning function of the pH meter electrodeUltrasonic cleaning machine maintenance

28khz ultrasonic cleaner

Single-slot stainless steel structure, consists of ultrasonic cleaning tank, ultrasonic generator, transducer, automatic temperature control heating system system; Ultrasonic cleaning technology combined organic, is conducive to the blind hole parts air discharge and cleaning fluid infiltration received better cleaning effect, the cleaning liquid through the degassing treatment, ultrasonic super limit play.

Product Features:

☆ imported stainless steel plate and components, stainless steel structure, appearance and durability.
☆ cleaning tank with heating and temperature control device, temperature control range of 30 to 110 ° C. .
☆ the Company's high-quality transducer, strong ultrasonic power output.
☆ frequency of 25khz, 28khz, 33khz, 40khz, 68khz, 80khz, 120khz, 135khz to choose from.
☆ cleaning tank and generator split design, easy to use.
The ☆ generator using a single-chip driver circuit, power adjustable, adjustable ultrasonic cleaning time, frequency, overcurrent, overload feature allows the generator to work safer by.
Ultrasonic vibration mode of bottom-up and two side vibration, suitable for different cleaning requirements.
ultrasonic cleaning machine, in addition to the standard size, according to customer requirements.

Applications: the larger body, flange, engine parts, shell workpiece.
■ Suitable for large parts, cleaning continuous operation.
■ compact structure, strong power, cleaning quickly and efficiently.
■ Set the tank bearing bracket, tank crash reinforcing beam, effective protection of the tank.

The ultrasonic cleaning Another consideration is cleaning parts of the upper and lower material is placed cleaning member tooling design. Cleaning member in the ultrasonic cleaning tank, cleaning parts or cleaning parts basket not touch the bottom of the tank. Cleaning pieces of the total cross-sectional area should not exceed 70% of the cross-sectional area of ​​the ultrasonic tank. Rubber and non-stiffening plastic will absorb ultrasonic energy, it will be of such materials for tooling caution. The insulation cleaned parts should also be given special attention. Tooling basket poorly designed or to the Sheng workpiece is too heavy, even if the best ultrasonic cleaning efficiency of the system will be greatly reduced. Any material, if the mesh is higher than 50 mesh, ultrasonic demonstrate the performance of the entity, the ultrasonic wave is reflected back. When the mesh is greater than 1/4 inch for ultrasonic exhibit open properties of the materials. Hooks, shelves and beaker can be used to support the cleaning parts.

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