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2013-11-19 16:56:30


 超聲儀器清洗法 適用範圍:受阻情況最嚴重 工作原理:利用超聲波清洗機產生強烈的超聲波,使水分子劇烈震動,將細小的干墨粒震碎後溶解於水,從而達到清洗的目的。 解決方法:將噴墨打印頭輕輕放入清洗機中,加入純淨水或專用打印頭清洗液,純淨水或專用打印頭清洗液以剛好覆沒打印頭不銹鋼包邊為限(注意不要讓pcb板接觸到純淨水或專用清洗液),開機10至15小時即可迅速清洗

2013-11-19 16:55:38


用超聲波清洗機清洗打印頭,是一個很好的辦法,使用效果很好,那我們先看看超聲波清洗機的工作原理。 超聲波清洗是基於空化作用,即在清洗液中無數氣泡快速形成並迅速內爆。由此產生的衝擊將浸沒在清洗液中的工件內外表面的污物剝落下來。隨著超聲頻率的提高,氣泡數量增加而爆破衝擊力減弱,因此,高頻超聲特別適用於小顆粒污垢的清洗而不破環其工件表面。 氣泡是在液體中施加高頻(超聲頻率)、高強度的聲波而產生的。因此,任

2013-11-19 16:49:54

Western cutlery ultrasonic cleaner

 Automatic dishwashing water drying equipmentThe cleaning system is designed for washing dishes designed automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine systems . After setting the workpiece in the cleanin

2013-11-18 14:13:39

Silver jewelry cleaning methods

 Silver jewelry cleaning eleven France1, Coca soak, soak time of 12 hours;2, using the lipstick applied to the cloth and then wipe the silver , the final rinse method ;3 , the use of acetic acid

2013-11-18 14:11:48

Night Vision Goggles ultrasonic cleaner

 Night Vision Technology is the study of weak light conditions - photoelectron conversion between image information , enhance, process , display and other physical processes and implementation me

2013-11-18 14:6:14

Semiconductor packaging ultrasonic cleaner

Semiconductor packaging ultrasonic cleaner Scope: low dispersion lens cleaning , cleaning of organic pollution , IR / AR filter cleaning, cleaning of the aluminum coating , the lens after polishi

2013-11-5 20:32:41

Ultrasonic sensors for intelligent detection of liquids

 Automation in the laboratory to use a lot of microbial culture plates and test tubes with the liquid for analysis. The introduction of new ultrasonic sensor, can quickly and to accurately comple

2013-11-5 20:31:25

Ultrasonic cleaning applications petroleum energy extraction

 In the energy field, more and more oil worldwide attention . Also known as crude oil , is a thick , dark brown liquid . Upper crust in some areas of oil storage . The main component of various a

2013-11-5 20:29:2

Railway rolling bearings achieve precision cleaning

 Rolling bearings are running an important component , especially a variety of rail vehicles will replace the traditional all bearing bush in order to improve transport efficiency play a signific

2013-11-5 20:27:44

Ultrasonic cleaning function effectively clean the optical sensor

 Optoelectronics optical sensor is used as the detector element sensor with fast response , high precision, non-contact , etc., and many parameters can be measured , the sensor structure is simpl

2013-11-5 20:26:47

Google glasses ultrasonic cleaning

 China's reform and opening up, China 's optical industry in technology have greatly change, but the 21st century, the advent of the Internet , to narrow the distance between people , people look

2013-11-5 20:22:2

Ultrasonic cleaning technology

 About the textile industry like spinning plates , filters and the like microporous objects cleaned up , cleaned up the practice of ultrasound machines are not cleaned up extremely accomplished a

2013-11-4 21:44:27

Image intensifier ultrasonic cleaning machine

 Image intensifier is a two-dimensional low-light images capable of detecting optoelectronic devices , night vision technology is the core of modern devices , a very wide range of applications .

2013-11-4 21:36:30

Powder metallurgy ultrasonic cleaning machine

 As in recent years, powder metallurgy technology development, but also on the surface of the part made ​​new demands , the need for cleaning treatment . Because metal powder metallurgy parts are

2013-11-4 21:35:40
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