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95563 digital ultrasonic cleaner

Small ultrasonic cleaning machine, mainly used in colleges laboratory factories, hospitals, electronic assembly line, mobile phone clocks, glasses shops, jewelry store, families and small quantities o

2013-12-16 14:43:22

wholesale digital ultrasonic cleaner

wholesale digital ultrasonic cleaner,wholesale digital ultrasonic cleaner,wholesale digital ultrasonic cleaner,wholesale digital ultrasonic cleaner,wholesale digital ultrasonic cleaner. 1, washing mac

2013-12-16 14:38:43

used ultrasonic cleaning tank

1 . Ultrasonic cleaning machine installation   Please refer to the installation manual ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the thermostat sensor signal line connected to the cabinet between the

2013-12-15 13:17:51

multi frequency ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning machine has been widely used to clean machine parts , printed circuit board areas , components, devices and medical equipment such as glass , especially in the fragile and cleaning

2013-12-15 13:9:36

ultrasonic transducer circuit

 1, the country's first stepless frequency ultrasonic generator, flexible control, (20KHZ ~ 60KHZ continuously adjustable, precision to 0.1KHZ adjustable), the output matching to achieve the best

2013-12-12 22:49:51

ultrasonic generator for cleaning tank

High-end intelligent ultrasonic generator power: real-time digital display of the operating frequency and ultrasonic output power. It excited using the line, sweep frequency automatic tracking and oth

2013-12-12 22:45:5

ultrasonic generator for cleaning

The exclusive R & D stepless FM ultrasonic generator, the country's first ultrasonic power stepless FM (13KHZ ~ 60KHZ adjustable precision to 0.1KHZ adjustable), to help find the best transducer r

2013-12-12 22:36:25

High Power Ultrasonic generator

High Power Ultrasonic generator First, the product features: 1 , sweep function : on the international market the most advanced sweep circuit , the effective protection shock plate ; 2 , the powe

2013-12-10 10:16:39

ultrasonic transducer driver

Product Name : Ultrasonic cleaning machines, single-slot compact standard model ultrasonic cleaning machine , manual single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine , ultrasonic cleaning machine mechanical pr

2013-12-9 9:49:35

Ultrasonic Parts Washing Equipment

Ultrasonic cleaning is based on the cavitation bubbles that quickly formed and the countless rapid explosion in the cleaning solution . The resulting impact of dirt immersed in the cleaning solution i

2013-12-9 9:46:32

Ultrasonic Devices for Liquid Processing

Ultrasound is defined as the frequency of the acoustic wave 2 × 104 Hz ~ 107 Hz , it is listening over the frequency range of the human ear . When ultrasonic wave propagation in a liquid medium,

2013-12-6 13:27:13

Ultrasonic Generator Kit

Ultrasonic generator with a compact, easy to install , simple to operate, cost-effective and high ultrasonic generator can automatically , quickly, accurately and continuously perform ultrasonic drive

2013-12-6 13:23:58

Ultrasonic Cleaning Power Driver Board

 pcb circuit board cleaning machines and special equipment , ultrasonic cleaning machines , one family member .Scope:Mainly for semiconductors, transistors, resistors , capacitors , PCB board, IC

2013-12-6 13:12:29

High Power Ultrasonic cleaner

High Power Ultrasonic cleaner Ultrasonic cleaning tank for generating source and integration . Mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, universities, research institutes working on ultrasonic liquid t

2013-12-6 12:59:22

Ultrasonic Cleaning System Cleaning FAQ

Ultrasonic Cleaning System Cleaning FAQ,Ultrasonic Cleaning System Cleaning FAQ,Ultrasonic Cleaning System Cleaning FAQ,Ultrasonic Cleaning System Cleaning FAQ,Ultrasonic Cleaning System Cleaning FAQ

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